propane smell from oven

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Exclamation propane smell from oven

10 yr old MagicCheff oven/range has given no problems to date. 2 weeks ago, oven wouldnt light and I replaced the glow ingniter that I found not glowing. Easy operation and new igniter worked and oven lite. Ceramic body of igniter was shorter but I was told it was a universal replacement, which the instrucktions backed up.
After oven shut down, there was slight propane smell wich I ignored as a remnent. Lucky us, we awoke to a propane smell filled kitchen, which aired out with no consequence. I traced all fittings and found it to be in oven somewhere. Stove top works with oven shut off valve closed, and there is NO smell. When oven shut off is opened to feed the safety valve, the propane smell reoccures though slight, it does build up. The only joint is at the safety valve and shut off valve, but no bubbles appear in a soap sollution applied to joint. nor do bubbles appear at gass orifice??
An appliance repairman said the valve WAS sticky as it shut off too slow. (18 seconds between shutting off oven knob and flame going out). He wasnt sure if that was the smell cause; HIs repare was too costly to replace valve. I removed distrobution tube and wrapped the orifice with duct tape to try and seal it to determine if smell was going through the safety valve and the smell still filled the oven (it takes about 15 minutes) with the oven shut off valve open. The smell SEEMS to build up only IN the oven and there is no smell at the shut off valve itself, under the cooktop. The repairman put a flame to the distrobution tube while the valve was opened and there was no reaction to the flame and the oven flame does go out when oven is shut off. I am hessitant to replace an exspensive valve if it will not cure smell, and 4 parts shops say it is probably not the safety shop said "if the oven ignites, the valve is NOT bad".
is it posible the safty valve is letting smell through it but not enough gas to ignite and yet no trouble before the igniter was replaced??? Any suggestions??
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Hello: Buck143

Simply changing an ignitor should not have had any effect to the gas valve. The odor cannot be a remment of an ignitor replacement. Nor would a new replacement ignitor cause the problem. The gas valves internal seat must be slightly damaged.

Logic says if your able to stop the smell by turning off the isolation valve to the ovens gas valve and the smell is gone, then any part or tubing after the shut off valve can be the culprit.

Therefore, re soap test all parts and fittings after the isolation valve while the valve is on. Chances are the leak will be found. It will also be tiny and may be hard to see the bubbles.

The bubbles may be very tiny also. Look closely and watch carefully. The gas can be coming from the gas valve and going through the orifice. The orifice is the brass or bronze thimble looking part with the hex nut ends on the gas valve.

Soap test the orifice. Use leak detection soap, available at appliance part stores and some non chain hardware stores.

18 seconds is too long at time frame for total shut off time based upon your description. Chances are it's that gas valve that is the problem cause if not leaks are found. Replacement is the only option, since gas valves are non repairable.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions after attempting the correctional method or methods offered.

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