Vintage stove acting up

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Vintage stove acting up


I have a Wedgewood stove that I'm guessing is from some time prior to 1950, with a Robertshaw thermostat. As far as I know, it's all original. A few months ago, I shut off the gas to spray for bugs. When I relit the pilot light, the oven would no longer work.

Eventually I got it to work again for a couple of weeks, then it went out again. Here's my best description of what it's doing...

The pilot light is lit, but the oven won't come on.

Sometimes the pilot light goes out, then when it's relit, the oven won't come on. Sometimes if I turn everything off, wait a while, then push the red button for a minute or so, then light the pilot (or sometimes if I press the red button while the pilot is lit), eventually the oven will come on.

It's been working for aboout a week or so this time, but tonight it wouldn't start. I pushed the red button for a while, then pushed it hard and rapidly a bunch of times (more out of frustration than because I thought it would help), turned the knob, and the oven came on. About 10 minutes later, it went off, and hasn't yet come back on.

There is nothing electric or electronic on this beast. Where do I start?

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Hello Mac. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic & our Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

That red button you are pushing on is on the safety device. This part shuts off the flow of gas to the burner, if the pilot goes out or the oven thermocouple wears out or becomes weak.

The element end that is screwed into the body of the safety device is the "Oven Thermocouple."The other end of this part is the element the pilot flame is heating.

The Oven Thermocouple part produces DC electrical current. When the element is heated by the pilots flame it produces a small amount of electrical current. The current produced holds the safety device open to allow gas to flow through.

If the pilot flame is burning blue without any yellow flames, the pilot generators tip is directly in the pilots flames and the burner fails to turn on, most likely the element is worn out or burned out and will need to be replaced.

If the pilot has any yellow in it's flame, the pilot flame most likely isn't burning hot enough to heat the generator enough. When the pilots flame is yellowed, the pilot assembly will have to be cleaned out of any lint or dust, so the flame can burn all blue.

Oven thermocouples, like water heater thermocouples wearout. To restore the safety device to working order, replacing the thermocouple will be required.

The part is available at local appliance part stores. The locations for the dealers, agents and retail part stores are listed in the phone book. The part cost may be a bit pricey.

In some cases replacing the thermocouple may not resolve the problem. However, it is worth a first try attempt. In some cases the safety device itself is defective. Locating a replacement may prove to be difficult and expensive, if one is located.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions after attempting the correctional method or methods offered.

Regards & Good Luck, Forum Host & Multiple Topic Moderator.
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Similar problem

I am currently having a similar problem with my oven. I have an older Crestline gas oven (not sure how old exactly). I can't find any kind of reset button on mine though. Would you be able to direct me to a website or page where I can get diagrams with names of the components? This would help me out immensely!

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