Unvented Heater Problem

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Gas non-vented wall heater problem

I have a non vented, wall hanging gas space heater using LPG it is the type that has the ceramic glow type radients and is sold by Lowes. the unit hase a three stage control knob that lets it burn with one,three,or all five radients. It has a oxygen depletion sensor which is supposed to turn it off if there is insufficient combustion air. The problem is when I adjust the knob to burn all five burners the unit shuts off after about five minutes( the burner and the pilot shuts off.)
I then re-light the pilot and if I turn the knob to burn with either one or three radients it works fine. It just don't work with all five which it must do in cold weather.
If you know what the problem might be please reply.
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Hello: Arrowshooter

I am not very familar with any brand nor type of non vented heaters. Non vented gas appliances are not sold here in my state. Totally banned. Therefore, I would have to make a few assumptions as to the cause of the problem.

The pilot heats a safety element. Very possible on high heat the element is not being properly heated. Once the element cools slightly from a lack of heating by the pilot flame, it produces less dc electrical current. The reduced current will cause the safety valve inside the gas control valve to shut down the entire unit.

The appliances operation depends on the current to keep the entire unit operational. The element is most likely a {PG} pilot generator or a thermocouple. Replacing it and cleaning the entire pilot assembly to allow it to produce an all blue pilot flame may or may not corect the problem, if that is the problem.

Another possibility may be the oxygen sensor. A defective {OX} may be the cause. There may be an over heating sensor in the unit. This part is the same or similar part used in decorative gas log fireplaces. Too much heat or a defective sensor will shut off the entire unit.

Gas control valves have an internal magneto which is activated by the PG or T-Couple current. The magneto may be defective.

In any and all cases where the entire operation shuts down during usage, the same or like problem possibilities may be the problem.

Read the already asked questions on both gas log fireplaces, water heaters, wall heaters and some older model furnaces within both this forum, the heating and cooling forum & the fireplace forum topics. Doing so will provide additional info.

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts.

Dealers can perform tests and sell replacement parts for all appliances. Parts dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances. The locations for the dealers, agents and retail part stores are listed in the phone book.

Regards & Good Luck, Web Site Host & Multiple Topic Moderator.
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The useage of non vented heating appliances may or may not be legal within your city, state or country. Usage of non vented gas appliances can pose significant health and safety risks. Useage is not suggested nor recommmended.

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