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Maytag gas dryer dirty dry

I am having problem with my Maytag dryer. I am from the Philippines and I use LPG gas for my dryer. Recently, the clothes I dry started to become dirty. Whites becomes blackish. Looks like a black smoke dirt got in contact with my clothes. I see to it that I always clean the filter every load and don't see anything suspicious with the filter. However, I noticed inside my dryer just above where the heat is coming out (this is where the many small little holes are located) is a bit black. What could be the caused of this? Is it due to the burner? Or the LPG? Can someone give me some tip. I will be very thankful.
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Hello efi_gabriel and Welcome to our Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances forum.

The problem description indicates the burner is not correctly burning and or fully burning the gas. Regardless of whichever fuel is used, propane or natural gas, does not matter. Soot and carbon is being created.

Carbon and or soot is being created by either a lack of primary air into the burner air intake or the burner flames are too large. The burner flame must be all blue in color and not touching the outer surrounding hood or shield.

If the burner area inside the cabinet is excessively linted, the burner flames will be yellowed. Cleaning out the entire interior may solve the problem.

Be sure to clean out the area around where the burner meets the gas valve. At that location will be a shutter on the burner tube or there may be any means where air can enter the burner tube. This area must be free of all lint, dust, etc.

If the burner flames are not pointed directly towards the center back of the surrounding hood, shielding and or shroud, there is the possibility the venting system is restricted.

The exhaust vent tube is located behind or to the side of the dryer. It needs to be removed totally from both the dryer side and the out side vent hood to completely clear out the lint.

Check the entire venting system. This also includes the exhaust vent hood outside. It has a flapper that may not be opening fully or not at all. Locate any restriction within the entire exhaust system and clean out all lint. Replace exhaust vent tubing as needed.

If the burner flames are too large and appear to totally or nearly fill the entire burner shroud, surrounding hood or shield, there is always the possiblity the burner flames are too large.

Excessively large flames indicate an overgassed condition. If this is the problem and or situation, professional service is required.

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