Smell with all gas appliances

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Question Smell with all gas appliances

Hello all,
About a month ago, we started having a "funny" smell coming from all our gas applicances. This would include our gas dryer, gas stove, and furnace. The only thing I can liken it to is a smell of an old oil heater...I also think it smells like jet know the smell when you're boarding a plane? It's so strong that it even makes the clothes smell after coming out of the dryer. We are in the middle of remodeling our basement. We're currently in the studding and drywall phase...there's lots of dust. Could the dust be getting into the burners of these appliances and create this smell?
Thanks for your time,
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Call your gas company. This is not normal. Gas should smell like rotten eggs.
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Hi all,

**About a month ago, we started having a "funny" smell coming from all our gas applicances.**

**We are in the middle of remodeling our basement.**

Any painting/varnishing/ect?

A copy from a dryer section....

**Funny smell from a gas dryer.....If you are having trouble with a funny smell inside your dryer or on your clothes, consider this...have you painted or varnished anything inside the home recently? Your gas dryer uses a lot of air, not just the air that blows out the vent but the air used to burn the gas ( natural or propone ) as well and anything like paint fumes or varnish fumes in the air will be picked up in the air used by the burner and burnt....this is often described by customers as - burnt fabric softener smell ..... - burnt soap smell .... - burnt medicine smell. Open your windows, air out the basement/home as good as possible, most customers tell me this will go away after a week or so once everything is dried and all the fumes are gone. Remember, if you smell gas....turn off the gas valve to the dryer and call for service !!**

Just a thought

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Hello Ann. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and our Do-It-Yourself Web Site.


The kerosene odor is usually nothing to worry about. Especially if you are presently or have been recently using an type of petroleum based and or oil based product.

It's a common after effect of using such products and usually the result of some petroleum product recently used in the home. Could be an oil based paint, a stain, wood finishing or sealer product, adhesive, sealant and or any such product, etc.

Any product that contains a flammable solvent or oil based product will do this. I bet you had one of those products used in the home recently. Prior to this, the odor didn't exist and it will be gone as soon as the product dries and or cures.

Until such a time as any of these type products dries and or cures, the best thing to do is ventilate the house as best as possible.

If clothes retain the smell after drying, at the end of the drying cycle, use the "No Heat" or "Fluff" cycle for about 10 minutes to ventilate the fumes before removing the clothes.

There are usually a few easy ways to determine if the problem is caused by an appliance.

There is always the rare possiblity that an appliance is not burning the fuel properly. Especially when the odor seems to appear only when that one appliance is in operation is one clue the appliance may have a burner problem.

Another clue is if any petroleum based and or oil based product has been recently used indoors or in an nearby room or area.

If the odor problem did not appear prior to any petroleum based and or oil based product was used.

If you have any doubts or none of the above conditions applies, contact your local gas utility and ask them for an appliance service check to determine the cause.

The phone number to the gas company and or propane supplier will be on your bill.

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Hi all,

Thanks so much for the great suggestions regarding the smell. Our basement guys WERE using an adhesive while hanging the drywall. That must be it. If it continues after construction, I'll be sure to call the gas company, but I'm sure that's the reason.
Thanks again!
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Thanks for this thread. while six years old, It helped me figure out the smell, and it's cause - The Polyurethane on the bookcase in the shop.
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I know this thread is old, but I just wanted to add another voice of confirmation about this problem. I live in a condo which is 1 of six units in the building. The stove and heat are natural gas. Anytime someone in another unit paints with oil-based paint, a noxious kerosene-heater-like smell emanates from the pilot light of the stove, oven and hvac unit. It can be quite overpowering and in one instance a neighbor had to go stay in a hotel to get away from it. Not much you can do except air the place out and wait a few days for it to go away.

I even had the gas company confirm this problem. People who have never smelled it look it you like you're crazy. ;-)

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I have even seen where the next door neighbors 50 feet away are painting and dryers pick up smell.
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This just happened to me. I was staining something with minwax oil stain in the next room. I have a door in between that I kept closed (to keep the stain odor out). It didn't make a difference. The "kerosene" smell freaked out my wife and I shut off the gas and called a repairman. He indicated this as the cause as well. (My guess is that if you do not have it when painting or staining, then you were using water based stains or latex paint)
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Red face Kerosene like odour from Gas Heater

Thanks everyone. We too have just experienced this problem with a new gas heater. We have only had the heater for several weeks and everything seemed alright until yesterday, when my husband and I both noticed seperately that our gas heater is emitting an odour similar to that of a kerosene heater. Thanks to you, we now have put two and two together. I have been painting several doors in a different room with an oil based paint. I'm guessing this problem will be solved after paint has dried and no longer has a odour.

Thank you to everyone who commented on this site...this has been a huge help, as the retailer who sold us the heater has never heard of the problem.

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