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Disconnecting the gas dryer and capping the line help needed

We're getting rid of our rented gas dryer and getting an electric one (not sure of the cost of operation info on this but I have no choice)... anyway...

I need to disconnect the dryer and tried to do so but the shut off valve is not turning at all. I loosened the nut under the valve to see if it would loosed the valve handle but it didn't. Did the PSEG guy glue it in position or what?

Sear's is bringing the electric dryer and they said they would disconnect the gas line but I'm not sure if they are going to be able to shut the gas via the valve. (it turned easily when I hooked up the unit prior to the PSEG guy fixing my job.

Also, how hard is it to cap this open pipe.

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Hello mojostrat

If you are unable to turn off the valve, turn off the gas at the meter. Than remove the valve from the supply pipe and install a pipe cap on the pipe.

Ususally but not always, the dryer gas supply pipe is 1/2 inch pipe. A 1/2 pipe cap will than be needed.

Once the task is completed, either you will have to relite the existing appliances pilots, if they have any or have the natural gas company do it for you.

In some locals the gas companies will perform the entire job for a small fee. May be to your advantage to call them and inquire.

I edited down your question to consolidate the wording as it appeared in the forums list.

Iselin New Jersey? Knew that area very well many, many years ago. Grew up part of my childhood there. ttend Iselin Jr High and attended Woodbridge high school. Small world it sure is.

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Thanks for the info...

Sears is coming today so I'll see what they decide to do. They might not want to touch it since they are installing an electric dryer. I'm hoping their installer will unhook the existing gas line and shut off the valve. Then I'll cap it.

If he can't shut the valve then I'll have to have someone do it for me. (PSEG installed it for free and now want $100 to come and unscrew the connection and shut the valve). I can't see paying that much for this. If I call them about a gas leak they'll be there for free in 60 minutes!

I'm renting this house so I would have to have the landlord take care of the gas situation. The shutoff is also in the basement which I have limited access to.

I used to work in Iselin but now I'm the Paramus office. I like the area, especially the Indian food down there but have never lived there. I live in Ramsey now which is a very nice northern jersey community. Love the access to the mountains and upstate!

Jay Singer

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