Burner Ignition Problem

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gas oven won*t light

i have an old gaffers and sattler built in oven(seperate from top burners) this oven does not have electronic ignition...has a pilot light...the pilot light is lit but when i turn the temperature knob..nothing happens...could the problem be the the temp knob which is attached to a heat sensor rod that is fixed to the top of the oven..also i understand gaffers aand sattler are no longer in business..so anyone know where to get parts if needed...thanks
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**also i understand gaffers aand sattler are no longer in business..so anyone know where to get parts if needed**

G&S is owned by Maytag....any Maytag parts depot can help with most parts ( as long as still available! )



**the pilot light is lit but when i turn the temperature knob..nothing happens**

The pilot flame should get BIGGER when you turn on the oven control. If the flame is not getting bigger, the pilot assy may be dirty ( very common! ). The pilot flame heats up a thermocoupler from the gas valve, once the coupler is hot enough the gas valve will open and allow gas flow. The sensing bulb from the coupler may be out of place.

A copy...

*Problems with the pilot light system.....The flame has gone out - re-light the pilot. The pilot flame will not light - poss oven control is not sending gas for the pilot light. The pilot light works but no main burner ignition - possible pilot assembly is dirty and the pilot flame is too small, safety valve and thermocouple is faulty, the bulb from the safety valve is out of position and the pilot flame is not touching the thermocouple bulb.*

A typical pilot system pic...

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Fluid Safety Element

Hello pakeha. Welcome to my Gas Appliances forum.

Chances are the oven is equipped with a "Fluid Safety" element.
The element is a tiny bulb with a tiny thin wire lead extanding from it. The bulb is heated either constantly by the pilot flame or only when the thermostat temp control knob is turned on.

If the pilot flame is horizontal with the safety element just above the pilots flame, the system is a flame switch safety. With this type of pilot assembly and safety element, often times simply cleaning the horizontal pilot assembly corrects the problem.

To accomplish this cleaning, simply blow out the flames, use a pipe cleaner, yes, a pipe smokers pipe cleaning cleaner, and clean off the entire surface were the flames come out of. Relite the pilot when completed and the broiler should resume working.

If cleaning does not resolve the problem, the safety element just above the pilots flame will most likely need to be replaced. The type of safety is called a flame switch safety.

A flame switch safety can be identified because the opposite end of the element is round. About the size of a quarter and has two tiny screws attaching it to the wall of the oven or brioler.

Use caution if your appliance uses this type of safety element. The element is operated by house current. Behind the round attaching device is two wires.

Both wires supplied with household electrical current. Be sure to turn off the power if the appliances uses this type of safety device.

If this is not the safety system type used in your appliance, then it's a fluid safety device. This type the constant pilot enlarges or lites a second pilot flame. The second pilot flame heats a safety element {bulb} device. This element part may be defective.

In either safety device system, there is always the possibility the gas valve is defective. Be sure all the controls are set correctly prior to assuming a part or parts are defective.

For additional information etc. read the recent postings within this forum pertaining to oven topics. The questions already asked describe like or similarly related problem descriptions as your question.

These prior postings and any or all the replies offered within them contain almost all the required information needed pertaining to the many potential and or possible problems with the stoves unit like your describing.

An excellent source for orginal replacement parts is your local retail appliance parts store. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. The info will help to determine the possible problem causes.

Appliance part stores test and carry replacement parts for almost every brand. The locations for the dealers, agents and retail part stores are listed in the phone book.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions.

Regards & Good Luck, Forum Host & Multiple Topic Moderator.
TCB4U2B2B Company Enterprises. Energy Conservation Consultant & Gas Appliance Diagnostics Technician.

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