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Question Gas stove removal - can someone help?

I am new to these boards and a 1st homeowner so I'm still learning.

I have an existing gas stove in my house that I need to remove. A new one is being delivered Friday. The place I bought it will not install the new one but will take away the old one if it is disconnected.

The house I bought was a HUD house and was unoccupied for 6 months until now. I need to remove the old stove and it looks like from what I have read here, it is as easy as pulling out the old stove, turning the gas line valve behind the stove to off and removing the connection from the stove.

Does this sound like I have it right?

Also, who does "turn on" the new stove (and gas clothes dryer for that matter) - i.e. lighting the pilot etc? The gas company?

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Sounds like you got it right..

I would suggest you to put in a new gas flex line in. Not knowing what kind of shape that line is now.. These gas line from the shut off to the stove can be brought at any home improvement stores like Home Depot.

Some of these kit will come with things you will need to install the line right and check for leaks.

The "Turn-On" your asking about is more likely for new gas service on the home.. Is the main gas turned on in the home??

If the main is not on, the yes the gas company more likely will need to come into the house to make sure the air is out of the line, Water heater, furnace, and stove is working...

But if the main is already on, then no, they don't need to start up your stove.. Chance are your new stove won't have a pilot light, so no need about lighting them.
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Hello Ken and Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic.

Sounds like you got some good advice already from Jay11J. Also like you got the process right already. Below is some additional information which may be helpful.

Turning off the shut-off valve behind the stove will shutoff the supply of gas. Once the valve is turned off, remove the flex connector from the valve and that's all that should be required.

You'll need to slide the stove out of the space it's in or away from the wall slightly. Peer behind it and take note of how long the flexible gas connector is. This will determine how far you can pull or slide the stove outwards to access the gas shut off valve.

Be sure to unplug the stove from the wall socket or turn off the power, depending on how the stove is connected to the power source.

On the gas pipe entering through the wall should be a shut off valve. It will have to be turned to the OFF position. If the valve is an older style, it must be carefully turned crosswise to the pipe which would be 1/4 turn.

Newer style valve have built in levers which only turn in one direction and are truned using only your hand. No tools required.

Once the gas is off, remove the connector attached to the gas shut off valve. Use an adjustable wrench on the connector hex nut turning it counter clockwise and do not allow the valve to turn or rotate on the pipe.

Do not allow the pipe to turn either. Use another backup wrench on the valve body to keep it from turning while your turning the connector hex nut. Use a pipe wrench on the pipe, if needed, to keep it from turning. Only the connector hex nut should be allowed to turn. All else remains intact and stationary.

Be aware that your appliance may not be connected exactly in this manner. Therefore, the method discribed above may have to be varied accordingly.

Regards & Good Luck. TCB4U2B2B.....Company Enterprises
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Thank you for the info. We do have gas to the house so I managed to shut off the gas going to the stove at the valve behind the stove. I tried to loosen the connection from the stove that goes to the line but couldn't get it to budge. I really didn't have the right tools so I am going to try it again tonight. Thanks for the help! Ken
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I really didn't have the right tools
You really should get the right tools for it..

The tools your going to need is a pipe wrench, and also a cresent wrench..

The cresent wrench is used to hold the valve or a fitting in place, while you use the pipe wrench to losen the fitting on the shut off valve.

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