Spark Ignition Problem

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Spark Ignition Problem

I have a Magic Chef Model 82DA-1K rangetop stove with an electronic igniter. A few days ago the spark igniter failed to "spark". Upon removal of the igniter module cover I found the Black wire plug-in connector, between the power cord and the module disconnected. It did appear to be slightly damaged, as if when the connector came apart, the hot shorted to the stove pan (ground), but, I was able to file the very slightly "melted" plastic parts into shape and reconnect it. The circuit breaker was not tripped during this initial problem. The stove was back in service and worked fine for a day. The next day the igniter sparked a couple of times and popped the circuit breaker. Upon reset, the igniter worked fine for a couple of hours and would than trip the circuit breaker again.
At this point I figured that the loose connector possibly damaged the module so I replaced it. Now I have the same problem, the igniter works fine for a while and than the circuit breaker trips "randomly. as a burner is being lit. This same circuit breaker feeds a toaster oven and a coffee maker. The breaker does NOT trip when either or both of these appliances are turned on.
The connection I remade has not come apart and appears to be ok.
I am at wits end as to why the circuit breaker trips only when the igniter is sparking to light a burner. The black wire connector seems in tact and with a new module I can't figure where the current draw could be enough to cause the circuit breaker to trip.
I have checked all wires for insulation damage and or signs of a dead short, none found.

Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated, as I really do not want to replace the stove and find that the circuit breaker is still going to trip.
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Several Parts or Electrical Possibilities

Hello gidetti. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and our Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Electrical shorts are nothing you should be attempting to work around or fix as a do it yourself project. If the appliance trips breakers, the problem may be the parts.

Spark ignition parts are not that costly. I would highly suggest you remove all the existing parts, take them to the local appliance parts store and replace them all.

Be sure to write down the appliance brand, model and serial numbers. Doing so will insure you get original replacement parts.

As a side note, check and or replace the wall socket the appliance plugs into as well as the electrical cord on the appliance and the connection part it connects to on the appliance.

Read the existing questions on the subject of spark igntion problems on stoves. Doing so will quickly provide you with a wealth of information on how to resolve the problem.

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be also. They will need the make, model and serial numbers.

Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts. Dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions. Doing so will automatically keep your question at the top of the forum list.

Regards & Good Luck. TCB4U2B2B.....Company Enterprises
Tom_Bartco. Doityourself Web Stie Host & Gas Appliances Forum Moderator. Energy Conservation Consultant & Natural Gas Appliance Diagnostics Technician.

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