Drum Rotating Problem

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Dryer stops/hard to start

I have a gas Kenmore dryer that stops after about 10 minutes. I cleaned out all the lint around the motor and all the assemblies below (there was a lot). In order to start the dryer I have to manually spin the drum to get it going while the start button in pressed in. After about 10 minutes it shuts off again. I was wondering if some of the motor coils are not working anymore? Could it be that the strain is causing the motor to heat up and then shut off? I usually have to wait a few minutes after trying to restart as it won't even try to turn until you wait about 5 minutes. The drum rollers are not worn that I can tell and seem to spin okay. The motor runs fine outside of the unit. The dryer is about 6 years old.
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Hello dthompsn. Welcome to my Gas Appliances forum and our Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Chances are the motor is over heating. If the drum rotates with a small amount of drag truning it by hand, that is normal. Fact that the motor shuts down and takes a cooling off time before it will restart indicates the motor may be defective.

Remove the motor and have it tested at any local electric motor repair shop. The shops are listed in the phone book.

Be sure to note how the belt loops over and under each pulley before removing it. Doing so will make reinstalling it far easier.

Common Type Belt Picture:

Reading the post by bill and others with dryer problems will provide you with plenty of additional information.

Safety Reminder:
ALWAYS be positive you have unplugged the electrical power and turned off the gas supply to the appliance prior to attempting any repairs!

Best method to determine if any part is funtioning correctly is to carefully remove the part or parts you suspect to be the potential culprit, and have the local appliance parts store person run any required tests.

Read the other questions within this forum on the subjects of dryers for further information. The information contained within the already asked questions contain all the required information.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions after attempting the correctional method or methods offered. be sure to post back the results of your findings before asking additional questions.

If the information contained herein does not resolve the problem, we can than move onwards to more detailed and difficult problem possibilities and solutions.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions. Doing so will automatically keep your question at the top of the forum list.

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