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Coleman 4016 RV Furnace

I picked up an older model Coleman 4016 RV Furnace used at an auction

the unit has had very little use & looks almost new inside & out.

I bought it to replace an old peerless furnace that was original equipment in my trailer.

the peerless furnace looks like a round metal can with a round plate bolted to the bottom that has a single round burner,
as well as the thermo couple & pilot assy.
this unit uses an old honeywell control.

the problem I am having with the peerless furnace, is in the cold weather, when the furnace thermostat clicks in sometimes the
burner does not ignite right away causing the chamber to fill with
propane, the result being a contained explosion within the chamber when it finaly does ignite, the force of the explosion
blows out the pilot light so once the trailer reaches temp & the
thermostat snaps out again, the unit is shut down because the pilot has gone out.

I asked about this at an RV supply shop & they told me the gas control was worn out,
they sold me a new control (as the original "honeywell" control was no longer available they sold me a different brand control)

this new control made the problem worse & the contained explosions became more severe so I put the old control back on & just used it with the thermostat cranked up full.

I was just wondering what causes this problem ?

Back to the coleman 4016
I have all the parts for this furnace & I have hooked it up to propane & tested it, it works fine.

however I did not get an installation manual with this furnace
& I am trying to find information regarding minimum clearence to combustable materials, as the furnace mounts in the bottom of a closet.

if anyone knows what the minimum clearence requirements are
for these older coleman RV furnaces
please pass them along

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Hello: Roger

The most likely cause for the delayed ignition in the peerless unit is restricted burner ports. The ports are the holes in the burner head.

If the burner head is in good condition, cleaning out the holes should correct the condition of delayed ignition. Delayed ignition is when the gas does not light immediately as it comes out of the burner.

There are most likely also ignition ports which light the gas from the pilots flame first. These holes will be smaller than the main burner holes and located directly in front of the pilot flame or very nearby. Cleaning them also will correct the delayed ignition.

The pilots flame must also be all blue and burning cleanly, no yellow not even in the tip of the flame. A hot burning pilot is essential to allow proper ignition.

In reply to the questions for the coleman 4016.
I do not know the clearance requirements nor where they can be obtained specifically. To many factors to consider to be positive.

Plenty depends on the space the unit will be operated in, the local codes, construction materials in the enclosure the unit will be installed in, the environment the unit will be used in, etc.

A visit to your local building and safety department may provide the needed information for general installations.

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