Ignitor Replacement


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Ignitor Replacement

I have a Roper dual oven. I believe the middle ignitor needs to be replaced. Is this difficult? If I were to pay a professional to do this how much should I expect to pay?
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Hello NoTime and Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic.

Service call fees vary widely based upon the cost of living in your area and several other factors which also vary. Placing a call to several local dealers will determine about what those fess are.

If the ignitor in question is the hot surface glowing ignitor for one of the ovens, removing the defective one should not pose any difficulties. Usually one or two screws attaches it to the burner.

Remove the defective one, write down the model and serial numbers and visit the local appliance parts store in your area. Purchase the replacement and handle it very carefully.

Install the new ignitor exactly as you found the existing ignitor. Be advise that some new replacement ignitors do not come with quick disconnect ends. In this case, it's okay to cut off the quick disconnect from the old ignitor and attach it to the new ignitor.

Simply clip off the wires several inches above the disconnect on the old ignitor, attach to the wires of the new ignitor and wire nut the two ends together.

Repeat the process to attach the other wire and wire nut that wire together. There is no positive nor negative {polarity} to be concerned with.

Position the new hot surface ignitor exactly as you find the existing one attached. Double check all electrical connections before turning the power back on or plugging in the appliance.

If it is required to remove the burner, besure it too gets installed exactly as you find it now. The end of the burner tube with the air shutter adjustment must be installed back onto the gas valves bronze or brass orifice.

Glow ignitors are fragile & break easily. Handle and install the new ignitor carefully. Glowing hot surface ignitors are a non returnable and non refundable electric componet.

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs. Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts. Dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Read the existing questions on ovens in this forum topic. Doing so will provide you with additional information on how to access the ignitor, remove the old one and install the replacement.

Help Links:

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions after attempting the correctional method offered.

Regards & Good Luck. TCB4U2B2B Company Enterprises.
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You're right, there is just two screw bolts. So its as easy as removing two screws and replacing it? Do I need to shut the gas off also? Its a wall oven with no plug so I assume its okay to shut the power off at the fuse box? Where can I find the serial and model number?
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Hello Again No Time.

To answer your questions:
No need to turn off the gas.
Yes. Turn off the electrical power to the oven.
Two screws and just two wires. Yes. Very easy.

Model and serial numbers should be on a plate in one of the door frames or could be on a plate beneath the lower bottom panel in the lower oven if it's a dual upper and lower unit. May be on a plate under a panel in either oven. Look around. You'll find it.

Once you obtain the new hot surface ignitor, carefully read the instructions that are supplied with the part. Follow the inclosed directions to the letter. They are very complete in details.

Once the new HSI {Hot Surface Ignitor} is installed, reassembly all the panels, plates, racks, etc you removed to access the ignitor. {I.E. Reverse the disassembly steps.} Power on and test.

Oven should work like new....
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