30 Volts to Dryer Ignitor??

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Smile 30 Volts to Dryer Ignitor??


My neighbors dryer stopped heating. Seeing as how my own ignitor has fried a few times, I pulled his out to take a look. Before I could take a resistance reading I shattered the thing like the dope that I am (damn, those whirlpool ignitors are FRAGILE!). So, shoving the little black pieces under the rug before my neighbor noticed, I moved over to the harness to take a voltage reading (praying that indeed the ignitor I just shattered was actually bad).

Unfortunately, I can't tell if the voltage is right. When power is applied and heat turned on, I do read about 29 to 30 VAC to the ignitor (with the ignitor out of circuit). But I expected 115 VAC for some reason.

So, my question is, could the ignitor only take 30 volts? If not, is it poossible that it would give me a false voltage reading since the ignitor is out of circuit?

It is a Whirlpool dryer and the ignitor part# is 279311. In fact, here is the same schematic as his dryer: http://fixitnow.com/images/wiringdia...gasdrysch.html

(I am also attempting to attach the schematic image to this post)

If any of you fine folks could give me a clue I would be truly grateful.

Thank you very much!
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FIXED! 30 Volts was too low

Well, nobody answered...

but I did find out in the meantime that standard voltage to an ignitor is 115 VAC, and that the "Flame detector" could be to blame for a low voltage to an ignitor.

Therefore, I popped in a new flame detector today and BINGO... now reading a full 115 VAC to the ignitor. So as it turns out, the ignitor that I broke was perfectly fine. So I popped one of those in too and the unit works great!

SUMMARY: Don't blame your ignitor unless you see that the dryer is trying to apply 115 VAC to it (while running, in the heat mode of course).

Hope this helps someone with the same symptoms!
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Hello: karlsworld

Kindly excuse me for not being as prompt replying back as usual. Been busy tending to the entire web site and all the forums.

Very correct. The flame detector will cause this type of problem. Replacing it resolves the problem.

Hot surface glow ignitors are very fragile. More so after several years of service. Most likely the prior one needed replacing. Now that both componets in that system are new, the dryer will operate for several more years.

Thanks for posting back the solution to the problem too. In doing so, all the readers of the question will learn more.

Regards. Sharp Advice
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It's always adviseable to clean the entire exhaust venting system every 2 years. Or during any dryer maintenance, connection and or repairs.

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