Pressure valve discharge

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Pressure valve discharge

I have a Bradford-White LP water heater, less than 6 years old. I have always had a little discharge from the pressure valve (leakage?). But, since getting married a few months ago, my water usage has gone way up and the discharge as well. A typical week might have a pint of discharge, most coming on laundry day.

Is the valve bad, or does it really need to release the water due to temperature/pressure? Any suggestions on why this is happening? I'll have to admit that I have not been to diligent in flushing yearly like I probably should be, as my water is fairly hard. But, like I said, it has done this a little since new.

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Hello: Scott. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic.

Chances are there is some sediment under the valve seat. Problem is, opening the valve in an attempt to flush it out, oftens creates more leakage. But may be worth a try.

Keep in mind the I personally suggest have a new replacement handy. So when the opening of the lever to attempt to flushout any sediment does not allow the valves seat to totally stop the leakage, you will already have the new replacement valve.

Should valve replacement be needed and likely will be, turn off the inlet water valve above the tank, open a hot water faucet in a sink, than open the flushing spigot on the water tank to remove several gallons of tank water. Close when done.

Then unscrew the existing pressure valve. Oil the threads on the new valve. Yes. Oli. Any type will do fine. Than screw in the new pressure temp valve.

Once that is accomplished, open water inlet and allow the air in the tank to be pushed out. Once that is done, close sink faucet.

Project accomplished. No need to turn off the gas either, as long as there is only a few gallons of water removed..... Great do it yourself project if handy with a few hand tools like pipe wrenches.

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