is propane toxic?

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is propane toxic?

When cooking with propane, are the fumes generated toxic? I will be cooking inside of an enclosed tent and need to know.
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For inside of a tent for sure. Dont do it. You will get over come with carbon monoxide. Cook out side and dont use any of the lp heaters inside a tent. DONT DONT DONT

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Hello: dvarga

You did not mention how the cooking was going to be done. Propane cook tops are standard equipment in even pop up tent trailers. The burners are designed for cooking inside but warnings are issued to allow for ventilation.

Stove top burners do not emit very high levels of cabon monoxides under normal burning and operating conditions. No other appliances can be this safe, so all others are vented to the outside.

No BBQ's and the like are ever to be used inside any enclousure for any reasons or purposes. Doing so is a sure means of death and or danger of serious injuries do to CO poisoning, etc.

As Ed mentioned and I fully agree with, other than stove top cooking with some ventilation of an open window and door, no inside cooking should be done in any travel travel, and or tent trailer, tent and or RV unless using OEM equipment in an RV or tent trailer.

Burning any type of fuel produces CO. The amounts vary with each type of fuel and every type of gas appliance, regardless of nat gas or propane. Both can and will produce deadly carbon monoxides.

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