Caloric Gas Oven Ignitor Problem

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Caloric Oven Ignitors

I also have a Caloric wall oven and it seems like I have been going through these ignitors every 6 months to 1 year. It has been getting worse, and I don't remember when I first got the oven having these ignitors go out this often. Is it that they are not made like they were when the oven was new, or do I have another related problem?
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Hello Glenn. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and our Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

I doubt there is any other problem other than the hot surface glow ignitor. These parts are not long service life electric parts. However, be sure not to spray them or get oven cleaner spray on them. Doing so drastically reduces there service life.

You can replace the ignitor yourself if you have not been doing so already yourself. First unplug the appliance. Remove the ovens lower panel and the flame spreader. The spreader is the metal plate attached to the top of the burner. It will have a wing nut securing it to the burner.

Loosen or remove the screws securing the glow ignitor to the burner. Be aware that in some cases the entire burner must be removed to remove the ignitor.

Once the ignitor is accessed, follow the two wires attached to the ignitor back to there connection point. At the end farthest from the ignitor will be a wire pull apart quick disconect. Disconnect the ignitor connection at that point.

Install the new ignitor exactly as you found the existing igntior. Replace each part in reverse order. Plug in the appliance back into the electrical source and turn the appliance on. The new ignitor should now glow and the oven burner should now work.

Be advise that some new replacement ignitors do not come with quick disconnect ends. In this case, it's okay to cut off the quick disconnect from the old ignitor and attach it to the new ignitor.

Simple clip off the wires several inches above the disconnect on the old ignitor, attach to the wires of the new ignitor and wire nut the two ends together.

Repeat the process to attach the other set of wires and wire nut them together. There is no postive nor negative {polarity} to be concerned with. Read the instructions contained with the new ignitor and follow those instructions exactly.

Glow ignitors are fragile & will break easily. Handle and install the new ignitor carefully. Glow ignitors are a non returnable and non refundable electric componet.

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts. Parts dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

If you need further assistance, use the reply button to add any additional information or ask additional questions after attempting the correctional method offered above.

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