old gas stove and no idea how to light

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Red face old gas stove and no idea how to light

I don't know the first thing about this old stove. I'm pretty sure it worked for the last person who lived here, but I don't know what the heck I'm doing. I called the gas company to have the gas turned on. There is a red knob on the line in the back of the unit (to the wall) but this doesn't turn. I have a feeling that this may be what lets the gas flow to the pilot, no? But I don't even know where the pilot is! Boy, do I feel stupid. But I haven't ever dealt with one of these, so...

For all I know, the thing doesn't even work. But I think it may, it's just me. It's one of those units that heats the place too, so I know that part had to work.

I guess I need someone who can walk me through all the parts and what to do with them! Please help!


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Hello Bernie. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and our Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Older stoves usually have one pilot for two burners. That pilot would be located either between the two burners or off to the center between the two burners. You will have to remove the grates first and than the decorate chrome or may be white enamelled coated covers beneath the burners.

Ovens and broilers in that year models used RED pilot reset buttons. The red reset button(s) (one may be used or two) one each for the oven burner and another for a seperate broiler if that applies, must be pushed in (depressed) to light the pilot flame.

Same red reset button must remain depressed after pilot lights, for up to one minute to heat a safety element, before pilot flame will remain on. Look for these red reset buttons under stove top cover, in storage side next to oven or below the oven in the broiler compartment.

If we knew the exact brand name and maybe the model of the appliance, may be able to offer additional help and advice. However, I am not familar with stoves which also contain room heaters and or living area space heaters. Such types are not used in my area of the country.

Can the top burners be lit with a match? If so, gas is available to the appliance. If no gas is available, gas company service person may have turned off the supply valve behind the appliance.

What fuel is used? Natural Gas or Propane?

Depending upon the company suppling the gas, each company has different policies when turning on the gas. Some also service the appliances while others do not. Some turn off appliances gas supply valves but turn on main gas at meters or propane tanks.

There is no industry standards on the procedures used. Best bet may be to call the supplier and ask questions and request help.

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