Thermal couple shutting off gas oven?

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Question Thermal couple shutting off gas oven?

We've just installed a 1940ish Merritt Okeefe stove. The previous owner warned us that the themal couple in the warming oven can sometime get bumped and turn the oven off. We are able to ignite oven pilot and then hold the thermal couple valve up until the oven lights but the oven keeps shutting itself off after a few minutes. I've not seen this before... a copper coil out the top of the thermal couple heads into the oven wall... any guidance will be greatly appreciated!
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Hello Taryn and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances topic.

All of the ovens built in that era of time with safety devices used some safety device that had a thermocouple. A push button that had to be pushed in on the safety device to either keep the pilot gas flowing to the pilot until the thermocouple got hot or the button got pushed about one minute after the pilot was lit to reset the safety device.

If any of the above applies to the oven you have, than that oven does have an oven type thermocouple. Same type of thermocouple used in water heaters except with a much longer extentsion. Works on the same principle as a water heater thermocouple.

If the pilot will not remain on and the pilot flame goes out, thermocouple (TC) must be replaced. Be sure pilot flame is all blue and in contact with the TC correctly. Pilot flame must impinge onto the top tip of the TC.

If pilot flame is not all blue or you doubt flame is hot enough, blow out pilot flame, allow to cool. Than use canned spray computer keyboard cleaner to blow out any dust in pilot assembly. Than relight pilot flame. A clean pilot assembly and a hot flame are required to ensure TC is being heated enough to keep pilot on and burner to remain on.

Oven TC (Thermocouple) is available at local appliance parts stores. Purchased new TC and install exactly as the existing one is now. Once pilot assembly is cleaned and new TC installed, problem should be solved providing all other conditions and parts are okay.

Retail parts dealers and appliances parts stores can also help determine the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Also the existing TC with you. Oven TC's come in different lengths. Dealers and appliances parts stores are listed in the phone book.

Kindly use the reply button to add any additional information or ask additional questions. Replace the TC first and post back the results.

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