Magic Chef Gas Oven Does Clean & Broil, Does NOT BAKE

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Question Magic Chef Gas Oven Does Clean & Broil, Does NOT BAKE

I purchased my Magic Chef Model 34JA-3TKXW-ON, Serial Number 37C145880602 for almost $1,000.00, as I recall, from Harlow's Appliances, here in San Bernardino, CA, way back in 1992.
I have always cleaned the exterior with only the soft side of a sponge dampened in cool, clear water and baking soda - helping it look as good today as it did the day it was installed for me.
Here are my issues with my dear old friend that has seen us through THOUSANDS of meals:
_ In 2000 my post cancer surgery caregiver tried to force the oven door to close against a large lasagna pan inserted the wrong way and broke the interior glass. Can/should I replace that?
_The stove top burners were failing to light without rhyme or reason, left front: no, but rear: yes, etc. I took the burner top thingies with all the holes around the perimeter and ran a pipe cleaner through each hole, cleaned out that little pit in the bottom of the area they sit on, and they all light, again.
_Not all of the burners will spark all of the time. Tonight, in example, the rear left did not spark, but did light with a candle lighter and stayed lit until I turned the knob to off.
_I do not know how to tell which burner is the "high BTU", or, "low BTU" burner and need help figuring out which burner does what, please.
_Now, for the issue that prompts me to be up at 2:04 a.m., reading non-stop since 5 p.m., yesterday:
The oven WILL self-clean and it WILL broil on both hi & lo settings, but, no matter what I try, it will NOT bake. I have a turkey sitting on the stove top, rotting away, while I try to get the oven to set at 325 degrees. The display goes to 100 degress, like always, and I hear the "click" after a moment, from the area to the immediate left of the buttons on the back top of the stove, but, there is no corresponding ignition in the oven.
If I cancel the bake and select broil, or clean: no problems!
If I let the oven temperature get up to 325 on "clean" mode, then, cancel the clean mode, pop in the turkey real fast, and select bake at 325 mode, the oven slowly but surely displays ever lower temps because the flame never lit in the oven.
I am going nuts over here trying to outwit the oven so that I can get the turkey cooking before it spoils!
I have gone in there now that it is pitch dark, left the lights off and tried to see if I can see even a hint of a glow through the holes: nothing.
I have tired using the candle lighter to light the oven by sticking the lit tip through the front and the back hole of the oven floor: nothing.
I truly have tried very single thing I can think of before asking for help.
Please, help me!
Thank you in advance for helping me.
You can also reply to me at "TheAtanasovas at MSN dot com"

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Smile Possible Suggestions To Help

Hello Susana and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances topic.

Time is drawing to close to the holiday to likely get oven fixed. But you can try this. Unplug the oven from the wall outlet and leave it unplugged for 20 minutes or so. Than plug it back in to power and wait 5 minutes. Doing so may re set the computer board or may not. Worth a try.

Based on the problem description, oven thermostat sensor may be stuck in the "Keep Warm" or similar worded selection. Thus not going above 100 degrees. Unplugging as suggested above may re set the main boards settings and start anew.

Might get some help calling the manufacturer.
May find some help on the manufacturers web site.
Phone Number and web page below.

Maytag Appliance Home Page:
Maytag 1-800-688-9900 USA
Maytag 1-800-688-2002 Canada
Maytag is also the maker of Amana, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef and Caloric Appliances.

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Appliance part stores and dealers are listed in the phone book.

Use the reply button to add additional information or questions. Using this method moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically.

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Thumbs up The Turkey's BOILING As I Type This...

Thank you ever so much for such an information-packed repsonse to my desperate query!
I was making a Bulgarian turkey this year. 20 cans of drained sauerkraut as a bed for the plain turley to lay upon, tented with foil at 325, flipped midway to breast up, then, at 375 for the final 30 mins, untented. The meat falls off the bone and the kraut is something indescribable - NOT like kraut at all - addictive in it's goodness!
Anyway, I went ahead and squeezed it in a dishcloth, by the handful, placing the ultra dry results in my largest stock pot, this morning. Then, I re-rinsed the turkey in and out very well and placed it and the lid on top of all. It's about ready now. All falling off the bone and smelling great, even if it wasn't oven roasted.
As for the dressing: I sat four sticks of real butter evenly over the top, made a seam by joining two sheets of foil, then tightly covered the whole huge deep rectangular roasting pan with it and placed it along the two right side burners, on the lowest possible setting. It's still not "done" - though the turkey appears to be. It's only (8) Cubbinson's boxes, ( 3 of each type ), a dozen beaten eggs, 16 cups of Swanson's chicken broth, one bunch of celery and 2 onions minced, and the butter, so, if it fails, oh, well.
I'm heating the sweet potatoes on the stove top, then, passing them laden with mini marshmallows under the broiler, when the meal time arrives. The same for just about all else.
Luckily for me, I bought "Rena Ware" way back when I was in college, ( 1982 ), for like $2,000.00 and just recalled CAKES can be made VERY WELL on the stove top! ( Rena Ware went around doing in-home demonstrations ) For anyone in a predicament similar to mine:
Just prepare your cake batter as usual, lubricate the insides of the pan all the way up the sides and across the entire bottom, pour in the batter, put on the lid, or even tight foil, then the lid, and set it over the lowest possible stove top flame for about 20 (usual ) - 30 ( tops! ) minutes! The cakes coem out moist and MUCH BETTER than in the oven. Pineapple upside down is REALLY GREAT this way! So is an inverted German Chocolate! ANYTHING with a "baked on topping", really! But, it is EXCELLENT for ALL cakes, really.
I suppose it is also moire energy efficient than using a whole oven, and now that I've remembered it, I'll be using it even with the new stove.
Now, as for the new stove:
I am torn between two models after MANY HOURS of searching and comparing:
A Best Buy at $624.00
5.22 cubic feet of oven space
16,000 - 600 BTU burners
about 100 pounds

#2 Garland SX-6-26
$1,150.00 + $115.00 shipping
6 commercial burners and one oven
about 420 pounds

Opinions on each, either?

I will go do the unplugging of the stove as soon as I end this. I think the burners will remain lit under the dressing, since they are already lit. We'll see.
Just to be extra sure, I will leave it unplugged until an hour has passed. Then, retry it.
One thing I did do, yesterday, was pick the little pad of grey foam padding under the buttons out and discard it. I thought it might be misaligned or causing a false contact, or SOMETHING... Obviously, that was NOT "it".
More as things develop around here!
I look forward to reading about everyone's opinions on those (2) stoves I have narrowed my search down to, so far.

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Hello: Susana

Unfortunately, opinions are just that. Opinions. And opinions are not really worth much, except to the person making them. Product selection is a personal choice based upon your individual needs and price ranges, etc.

Buy the brand and model, with the options, that best suits your needs. You have already done the homework and the choice is now better two selections. Which is more research work than the average person has done prior to an appliance purchase...

As far as everyone elses opinion is concerned, I am the only one in this forum topic. Open to everyone but everyone else is not here....

Recipe sounds great. Diner delicious. Be right over.
San Bernardino, is not that far away from here....
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Smile You're Invited, But The Pie May Be "Interesting"

Where are you located? Come on over and have some succlent, falling off the bone JUICY turkey and savory kraut and traditional stuffing! I won't be offended if you take a pass on the pumpkin pie! I'm going to try STEAMING it on the stovetop thsi year! The filling should be fine, but the crust... I'm not too confident about that part of it!
Now, to write a new thread - about this Williams wall heater!
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Wow- the turkey sounds great. Here's my 2 cents worth- most likely the controller for the oven is bad. I say that coz the clean and broil functions use the same oven parts [ie: gas valve, ignitor, sensor, etc.]. The controller is probably quite expensive to replace; have it checked out and get a repair estimate. It's a part that wll have to be ordered, they won't have it on the truck. Here are some do not suggestions:

DO NOT try to light the oven with a candle
DO NOT buy anything at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

(>>>Specific mentioning to any retailer in a derogatory manner is a violation to the rules and unfair to advertisers based solely on your opinion.

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I Cook, Therfore I Garland!

Thanks for the heads up on that missing inner piece of glass! I couldn't even guess how many times I've run the clean cycle - and I ALWAYS bump it up to 4 or 5 hours - whatever the "max" possible is - since it's been broken! WOW! Never again!
There's a store called SARA, I think it is, and another called STAR, both in Los Angeles. They sell commercial kitchen stuff and are places I'd just like to LIVE IN! I'll go visit before making up my mind... THEN, I'll hit the restaurant supply row in Colton and see what they have to offer... THEN, I'll look on-line, again... THEN, I'll actually BUY the new stove...
The SOLE reason for me even thinking of sticking with a residential model is: FEATURES. Self-cleaning ROCKS... TIMED cooking is AWESOME... I'll miss them. But, the beefy BTUs of commercial and extra big oven space will ease my separation pangs!
One thing I WILL hope to find: electronic ignition, or at least no pilot lights... I don't care for the constant burning of fuel...
Again, I'll trade off!
Did you see the post about the wall heater, yet?
Susana - I _LOVE_ to cook/bake & can/preserve & cake/cookie decorate!
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Hi: Susana

You said:
I _LOVE_ to cook/bake & can/preserve & cake/cookie decorate
Got Recipes? Great! Post them in the Food & Beverage Topic.
That forum is open to allow replies.

The "Recipes" topic is in the NON Interactive Group of topics. There you post only a recipe. No questions can be continued within the recipes and no replies are allowed.


If the post in that non interactive topic is exceptable per the rules, no question and no replies, post gets closed so no replies can be posted to a recipe. Non Interactive Forums as opposed to these forum topics.

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Hi Susana:

I posted a reply about wall furnace in the heating furnaces section. On the Garland range stick to the KISS principle. A standing pilot uses very little gas compared to the cost of replacing a defective/malfunctioning ignition module. When I do co-op coupon mailers, we put recipes on the back of the coupons. Would you mind sending me the turkey recipe? Thanks.

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Consider it DONE!

I just finished e-mailnig you the Bulgarian turkey & saurerkraut recipe I made this year - ENJOY!

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