Gas oven help needed

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Gas oven help needed

I have a question regarding a gas oven. My mother in law had a problem with mice getting in her house. After treatment from an exterminator, we encountered a problem with her oven. There is no smell in the house UNTIL you turn the oven on. A terrible smell (almost urine like or dead animal like) fills the entire kitchen. My mother in law had cleaned the oven thoroughly. When the oven is on and you open the oven door, the smell does not appear to be coming from inside the oven. The smell goes away (after a while) once the oven is turned off. Can you offer any help besides replacing the oven?

Thank you!
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rodent burial sites

mice will seek the least conspicuous place to retire. in the case of your moms oven more than likely it is also the warmest. look for a couple of screws that secure the oven bottom {the bottom being the sheet metal in the baking cavity that covers the burner} remove these screws and any other fastening devices that secure bottom {some manufacturers use side mounted clips}. now it gets ugly! be prepared for an assault on your senses you couldnt imagine. a dust mask and rubber gloves are highly recommended. if you can tolerate this than the oven should survive quite nicely with a little help from a shop vac! if you would rather go shopping no one would think lesser of you! lol. good luck and happy hunting
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Gas Oven Smell.

I got called to an oven once as the side of the oven was going up flames after the pilot was lit. I found mice had got up the inside lining on the side of the oven and the mouse pee had rotted the alumimum pilot pipe from the control going down to the pilot. raw gas was leaking out and after a mimute the whole thing would go up in flames.
After taking the side off the oven I found lots of mice dropping in the fibreglass insulation and a perfortaed pilot pipe,
Not a pleasant job i can assure you.
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We'll try!

Thank you for your help! We'll try it. We live 4 1/2 hours away, but my sis-in-law should be able to handle it. ha! I've been trying to figure it out since we visited her at Christmas. The odd thing is that there is NO smell in the house *until* you turn the oven on. After that, when the oven is on and you open it, the smell does not appear to be coming from inside the oven -- more like behind it. I'll have her check it out. Anyone advice in the meantime would be welcome.

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