Gas Oven won't light

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Tom Woz
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Unhappy Gas Oven won't light

Hello I hope you can help here I have a SunRay gas stove, Model # SAP28HG
Serial # 200549917084. This is an older model an over sized with a griddle in center top or can be used for 5th burner. The oven has a contiguous burning pilot and it shared the same burner with broiler.
However when turning the oven knob on the pilot light does get larger around the area but does not light the burner even on broil, the flame is blue, I have tryed to call parts in my area but they say they do not know. I have read that Sunray is Amana to whitch I called Amana, they do not have any parts for this model, as it is to old. They suggested 2 other dealers out there for classic stoves, saying it may be a Flame Switch, again no luck with these 2 vendors. The parts store's here are telling me I should replace the thermocouple. price is about $100.00. So I am getting 2 different bits of advice. Do you have any suggestions?
I have read other threads here some one did sound like my problem. Any Help Please.
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Hello Tom and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances topic.

Old stove ovens can be difficult to diagnose, simply because there where so many types of safety devices used. First we would have to positively identify which type and style that model used.

If the appliance had to be plugged into an electical wall outlet for the oven burner to operate, the safety is a flame switch. Can you tell me if that stove had to be plugged in to operate the burner? If so, that helps to narrow down the type of safety device. Advise

If the stove did not have to be plugged in, several types of safety devices could than be used. Most likely a pilot generator (PG) Which looks like a thermocouple (TC) but it is l9ikely to have two wires extending out of it with spade clips on the ends.

Kindly use the reply button and specificially describe what the part looks like in full descriptive details based on the above info.

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If you have a standing pilot oven a thermocouple is the ultimate DIY project and can be changed for 10 bux! Typically you need two open ended wrenches {3/8 and 7/16"} and just a bit of common sense. To let out trade secrets about lazy pilot flames and pilot orifices getting obstructed could cost me thousands in repair calls though! lol! the only thermocouple job that costs 100 bux involves the whitehouse and clearance we don't have! 2 points to ponder! first when replacing thermocouple consider calling commercial appliance place for "heavy-duty" thermocouple. second make sure your pilot assembly will accept replacement thermocouple! hope this has helped even slightly and please make sure to respond with your resolution.
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Tom Woz
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can it be changed???

Can the thermocouple be changed in this oven or does the entire ignition system have to be replaced. I have 1 thin wire and a tube that goes to the pilot. what do you think the cost may be on a thermocouple. I have been told it may be the flame switch and it is on back wall I do not see anything on the back wall. This is info I got from Amana but then again they do not have any parts for this stove. they said it is an old model so they don't have parts. I have to wonder they only carry parts for newer stoves? you should not need parts for new ones, you need them for older ones.
Tom Woz
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thermocouple replacement

in order to determine next step we need to know what type of pilot safety valve this thermocouple is attached to {if any}. if a safety valve is involved it will attach either by a threaded fitting or a twin lead connection. if it is old enough that it does not have some type of safety it would be unwise and impractical to replace! safety valves and electric ignition were designed to prevent gas flow in case of lack of ignition method! in other words no pilot flame or ignitor no gas. although it is not impossible to spare the body of the oven and repipe to accomodate newer safety features. just depends on your budget and desire. hope this helps and good luck
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You are getting the wrong info- You have a hydraulic system. The thin tube you refer to is a capillary tube. When you turn on the oven tstat, the pilot increases and strikes the end of the cap tube. The colorinated dyphinal (sp)expands and pushes on the valve seat and gas flows to burner. I would first suggest to MAKE SURE the flame is indeed striking about 3/8 to 1/2/" of the tip of the cap tube. If proper pilot flame present and valve fails to open than valve must be replaced. Valve and cap tube come as one unit. I have seen hundreds of these that only requires cleaning the pilot orifice. I said clean not increase size. Make sure oven gas supply tubing valve is not in closed position(if has one). One test I would make is using a pair of needle nose pliers with a couple of matches, I would hold on tip of cap tube. If valve opened than I would clean pilot. Let us know how you do
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Tom Woz
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Oven is fix update

Thanks for all your help on this one. Now for the update and the over is up and running fine. In this stove (older model) we did have to replace the thermocouple, however here is the deal on it, It was $100.00 and it was not for the white house, this one is the entire unit all one piece, we checked with many part stored and that is the going rate. We debated over spending $100.00 on old stove or do we put it into a new stove , as you have guessed the old one won . My wife loves this old stove (if you can believe that) her points were there is not another stove out there with an over sized oven, and a fifth burner with a griddle, we did look and to replace it with one simular but this is a special order, and over $2,000.00 being a professional model. She does a lot of cooking and baking for all the family, so $100.00 was worth it to us in the end. This stove lasted us darn near 30 years, another 30 should last us our life time and then some, that is our hope anyway.
Thanks again to all of you for your responce and help.

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