GE Gas Dryer Stopped Working

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Question GE Gas Dryer Stopped Working

GE Gas Dryer model DWSR405GB0WW

Saturday, 12 March, is the last time we used it. Tonight, 15 March, when we went to start it, we turned the start kick knob and nothing. It was as if power was completly off. First, I checked the circuit breaker. OK. Next, I unplugged the dryer and plugged something else in. OK. Next I pulled out and looked to see if there was a reset switch on dryer. None that I can see and nothing indicating one in manual. I pushed the cord lightly to make sure it was securly connected. OK. After that, I sniffed around and inside for gas leak in case a safety was activated. No gas detected. Finally, I pushed the little button on the front that is pushed when the door closes. I can feel and hear a ping/click on the inside. Honestly, I never really pushed it in the past to know what a normal push should be like. Should it be a solid contact as I would expect on a switch that opens/closes a safety circuit or is a spring-like plink normal?
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Smile Dryer age

As a follow up, I figured I would throw out that the dryer is 2.75 years old in case there is a part that would typically go that can cause this problem at this age...
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Hello AmbianceForce and Welcome into my Gas Appliances topic.

First place to check is for a broken and/or defective door safety switch. If the door is not closed fully or the switch is not making internal contact, the entire machine will not run.

Dryer Help Information Sticky Notes:
Dryer help info:

Except from my manual:
My personal method for diagnosing problems is always check for the smallest and least likely possible cause. Doing so avoids replacing parts needlessly.

Especially parts which will not be the direct cause of the problem, cost plenty, difficult to install and not solve the actual problem.

Before replacing that switch, I suggest checking the door safety switch. The entire dryer will not operate if that door safety switch is defective or not fully closing.

Here is one method to test it:
Open the door and use one finger to push and hold the button recessed. Than push the start button.

If the dryer does start up and begin operating, the door switch isn't being fully recessed. Check the door, door hinges, etc. The door must close fully and tightly or the button will not be fully recessed.

If the dryer does not start up, suspect the door switch.
To test that switch do this:
FIRST, unplug the machine from the electrical power source.
Remove the front panel.
Access the wires clips on terminals.
Test for continuity using an ohm and or continuity test meter.
There should be continuity.
If not, the switch is defective and needs to be replaced.
Operating the push button by hand during the test will also determine if it working constantly as the button is pushed in and let out. The results can be seen on the tester.

Other possible causes:
Start Button:
The start button could also be defective. To determine this, the appliance must be unplugged from the electrical power source first. Access to the button will have to be made by removing the back panel. Then a continuity test can be performed.

Additional Suggestions:
Read the manufacturers online web site for product information, problem possibilities, causes and solving methods, part locations, disassembly, reassembly methods, repair procedures, instructions, pictorials, schematics, which may be available online.

General Electric Appliance Home Page:

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the most likely possible problem may be. Take will need the make, model and serial numbers.

Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts. Dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs. Always check for gas leaks whenever a repair includes any connection of a gas part.

Read the existing questions on the subject of dryers. Doing so will quickly provide you with a additional information on how to resolve the problem.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions. Doing so will automatically keep your question at the top of the forum list.

It's always adviseable to clean the entire exhaust venting system every 2 years. Or during any dryer maintenance and or repairs.

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