Caloric Oven is very slow to heat

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Caloric Oven is very slow to heat

OK - let me try posting this again, the system rejected me the first time!

I have a Caloric "Presige Series" oven model # RSS359-UL serial # 6779365 exhibiting an issue with the oven. The oven is very, very slow to heat and is essentially unusable as reported by "the cook". Here is what I observed.

First, I removed the large, square heat shield/dissapator thing, to expose the burner tube and ignitor for observation:

-- turn on oven to 300F
-- observe ignitor glow cherry red
-- approx 90-120 seconds later, blue flame on burner tube
-- flame initially surges with intensity, then dies down significantly after 3-5 seconds and burns a mellow burn. Flame appears to burn evenly.

Next, I observed the broiler using the same procedure:

-- turn on broiler
-- observe ignitor turn cherry red
-- 10 seconds later, flame, nice and strong

The obvious difference here is the lag time for flame start and the intensity in which it burns. We rarely use the broiler, so perhaps it is "less worn out"?

Any ideas what might be the issue here and what I need to do to get this beast working again to avoid the $2000.00 my wife wants to blow on an entirely new unit?

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Hello jc. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

First repair attempt I would suggest replacing the hot surface glow ignitor. A weak ignitor may be glowing but not hot enough to allow the burners gas valve to open fully.

Electrical resistance values are a major factor. Replacing the glow ignitor is likely to resolve the problem of the gas valve not opening fully and remaining open fully. Which causes the burner flames to be reduced in size.

Hot surface ignitors use current to glow but they require plenty. When they reach a preset value of resistance to the current they allow 5 volts to pass onto the gas valve so it can open.

A weak ignitor is absorbing too much current in an attempt to glow hot enough to provide positive ignition. Little or No current is left to activate the gas valve.

Best first attempt to fix it is to replace that ignitor. Unplug the appliance and remove the existing ignitor. Replace it with exact OEM ignitor. Subsitute brand names may not be equally the same.

Most replacement ignitor come already equipped with the quick disconnect reinstalled on the wire end of the new ignitor. If not you will have to clip off the end from the old ignitor and install it on the new ignitors wires. Polarity is not important in this case.

Try this first and note the results. If it resolves the problem, post back the results. If the new ignitor does not correct the problem, than the only other option may be to replace the gas valve.

Maytag Appliance Home Page:
Maytag 1-800-688-9900 USA
Maytag 1-800-688-2002 Canada
Maytag is also the maker of Amana, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef and Caloric Appliances.

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Sharp Advice,

OK - I will give that a go, It'll be a little bit before I get to do this.

I surfed around the 'net using your sponsor links, I am assuming Maytag bought out Raytheon on the Caloric line?

Is this the exact part you are referring to?

Lastly, given the broiler works, would it be a bad idea to swap the ignitors (the parts page indicates it is the same part) to confirm this theory?


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Hello jc.

Is this the exact part you are referring to?
Not sure. Replace the part with an exact OEM part.
May be this one or a like part. Use an exact part and not a generic one.

Yes. You can swap out the brolier ignitor to use in the oven for a brief test. But doing so will not positively prove the failed part is the ignitor. The old ignitor simply may not be strong enough to open the gas valve since that ignitor is not new. Worth a try.

Usually, both an ignitor and a gas valve are replaced as a pair when the ignitor needs replcing. Usually but not always. Most likely based upon determination of a service tech and/or the service agencies policy.
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Unhappy Caloric Gas Stove -Model RSS359-UL

I have a Caloric Gas Stove Model RSS359-UL. The top burners suddenly won't ignite on either side. No spark or clicking. Can you please help me!

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