GE Gas Dryer Fires Only Once

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Exclamation GE Gas Dryer Fires Only Once

10 yrs old
New ignitor (glow bar) installed.
All 3 thermostats check for continuity.
Lint paths/ducts cleaned out.

After sitting for at least an hour, the gas fires & ignites 1st time ignitor glows, but never again.

Any ideas?
I'm thinking that although the thermostats check for continuity, maybe 1 or more are malfunctioning (esp. the 1 above the combustion tube)?

Clothes are piling up!
Thanks in advance!
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Hello Max. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Possible the solenoids on top of the gas control valve are defective. When one of them heats up it drops out and the tiny valve the coil keeps open drops down and the gas is shut off. Replacing the solenoids is likely to resolve the problem.

Remove the burner compartment access panel, turn the dryer on and note if the glow ignitor glows. If it does, it will begin glowing after you hear that first click, which is one of the two solenoids opening.

Shortly after the glow ignitor reaches full glow, the second solenoid should click open. Youll hear the second click. If no second click is heard, the glow ignitor will turn off and stop glowing. If this happens, both the solenoids {2} must be replaced.

The solenoid coils are mounted directly on top of the gas valve. Each has a wire harness assembly with a plastic quick disconnect attached. The coils must be removed and replaced.

There are two solenoids...both are on top of the gas valve. Solenoids also supply voltage to the glow coil and are part of the electrical loop.

All terminals on both solenoids must have continuity. If not, you'll need to remove them from the top of the gas valve by removing the entire gas valve assembly first.

To accomplish this task, the entire burner and gas valve must be removed. Then the solenoid coils can be removed from the top of the gas valve and replaced.

The gas inlet pipe to the right side of the gas valve has a tiny on/off gas shutoff valve. Turn it off, lever opposite it's current on position. The nut on the gas supply pipe near the gas valve is counter threaded, which means it turns opposite the norm to loosen it.

There will be other sheet metal screws securing the gas valve and burner assembly to the dryers base. Once the entire gas valve is removed, take it and the make, model and serial numbers of the appliance to the local appliance retail parts store.

Remove both solenoids off the gas valve body by removing the hold down cover plate and replace them both if defective. They are sold only in pairs.

Or take the entire gas valve unit to your local appliance parts store and have the entire assembly and all the parts tested individually and as an assembly.

Once at the store, the salesperson can be sure the replacement parts are the correct ones. Replacing the solenoids is simple and the parts come with full instructions inclosed in the packages.

Should you or any other topic readers be concerned with doing volt and ohm tests, etc. I do not recommend them. The parts wear out, are not costly, are relatively easy to replace and the practice doing it yourself is rewarding....

The do-it-yourself person can do electrical tests and continuity tests on several electrical parts. However, I do not recommend relying solely on either test to determine if any electrical or electronic part or parts are causing the problem. The idea is not to replace costly parts until the defective one is found.

The only positive proof any part is functioning correctly, is to carefully remove the part or parts you suspect to be the potential problems, and have the local appliance parts store person test it or check it. Appliance parts dealers carry replacement parts for all appliances and are listed in the phone book under appliances.

There are several other possibilities. All of which are covered in detail in prior postings on the same topic of dryers that do not heat, etc. Reading those topics will disclose the potential problems and the solutions.

Defective Gas Valve could be the problem. Remove entire unit as an assembly. Take the entire assembly to your local appliance parts store for testing. Gas valves are not repairable. Replacement is the only option if defective.

Flame Sensor could be the problem. This part is located on the burner housing. If it's defective, it will cause the glow coil to not function or cause the problem you're describing. You can test this part with a continuity tester or an ohm meter.

Defective Gas Valve could be the problem. Remove entire unit as an assembly. Take the entire assembly to your local appliance parts store for testing. Gas valves are not repairable.

CAUTION: Do Not attempt to repair the gas valve! This is a non repairable item! Replacement is the only option, if defective.

Gas Dryer Help Link:

Additional Suggestions:
Read the manufacturers online web site for product information, problem possibilities, causes, solving methods, part locations, disassembly, reassembly methods, repair procedures, pictorials, schematics, downloadable repair and or owners manuals which may be available online.

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the most likely possible problem may be. They will need the make, model and serial numbers. Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts and problem resolving matters. Dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs. Always check for gas leaks whenever moving the appliance and/or a repair includes any connection of a gas part.

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