Kenmore Gas Dryer stops mid cycle

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Kenmore Gas Dryer stops mid cycle

Model #78721. (13 years old). The first problem we have is that the dryer hesitates upon start up. (we checked rollers, tension rollers and they are very smooth) The surface of the drum belt is a little cracked but looks ok and the tension is really good. After lubricating everything, this problem was gone but after a couple of days, it now stops in the middle of the cycle anywhere from 5 - 20 mins. of the cycle. We disassembled everything and ran the motor without a load (removed belt from the motor pulley) and without heating mode to make sure that the motor itself was working ok. Now the motor tripped after 5 minutes from the start every time (without load and without heating cycle) and the motor shaft is really hot after stopping. Any ideas why the motor would be tripped? Should I change the motor. I believe that the problem is either the motor or timer. Any suggestions? (I think the timer is ok) Please give me an idea. How can I check to see if the timer or motor is ok?
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Hello PT. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Based soley upon the problem description, I would suspect the motors brushes are wornout and/or the end bearings are wornout or the internal grease in the end bearings is dried out, etc.

If the motor does not run continuously without any load on it, likely hood is the motor is the defective part. Since you already inspected the tube (drum) for excessive drag and found none, motor is the likely problem.

But there still may be excessive drag on the drum (rotating tube) if the belt is worn and/or the slider pads are worn or the lower felt strip pad is dried out and/or defective, etc.

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PT Cruzr
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Kenmore Gas Dryer stops mid cycle

Thank you very much. I am going to disassemble the motor and check the bearings and brushes. Do you have any tips to disassemble the motor. I heard that the blower is left hand thread. Is this true?

After the motor is tripped, I tried to turn the motor shaft by hand and it appears hard to turn. Usually it is easy to turn clockwise and counter clockwise. Could you guess why it is hard to turn after trippping the motor?

Thank you. PT Cruzr

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