Kenmore gas oven - igniter problem

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Kenmore gas oven - igniter problem

I have a Kenmore gas oven that will not light. I replaced the igniter a few months ago. The metal plate above the burner has a reddish mark and break just above the igniter. My guess is that the igniter might have sparked the gap. I can't figure out how that might happen. It just looks that way. I know I have current to the igniter. When I removed the wire nut it "bit" me. I would have thought there would be no current with the oven controls off. Can I test the igniter ( hook it up manuallt)? What else might it be?
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Hello: larksys. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic.

The current that "Bit" you may be just what's known as surface current. Not the full voltage but the small amount that is always possible in an electrical circuit.

Test the voltage at the wire terminal end using a voltage meter. Test for surface current (will be less than 120 volts) with the oven control in the off position and again with the control on. There will be 120+ volts present when the control is on.

During both testings the wires cannot come into contact with any surface that is metal. No shorts. Shorts will cause further damages to other electric or electronic parts.

If the test is okay, you can test the ignitor only. Place it on a surface that is high heat resistent. Connect the two ignitor wires to full house current and than turn on the current. The ignitor will glow a bright yellow orange, if it is okay.

Ignitors do not often last long. 2 years or so is all that can be expected. Any longer is an added benefit to it's expected service life. A replacement might be needed. And the gas control valve often gets replaced when an ignitor is replaced. Usually the gas control valve will last throught two ignitors.

Might be the gas control valve has failed if the ignitor tests okay or is replaced with a new one. I cannot determine what happened to the shield cover above the ignitor or any that is part of the ignitor assembly. All else fails, replace the entire ignitor assembly and gas control valve.

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