Adjusting orfice on gas stove?

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I have a gas stove, that was natural gas, I have moved and have only propane. The stove has universal orfices on it, the burners work well, but the oven burns to hot, I can only keep it at 200 degrees or it burns everything. Can this just be because it needs to be adjusted again, or should it be replaced?
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Hello Kim:

Your oven burner can be adjusted.

My assumption is your going to do this yourself, so the directions are written as such.

Here is what needs to be done.

At the very end of the oven burner, which sits on the gas valve, there is an adjustment. The orfice will be a bronze or brass colored cap sitting in the valve. It has a hexagon <6 sided> head that any thin wall <Slim> open ended wrench fits on it.

This is how it needs to be adjusted. The oven burner should be ON for this adjustment, if it's possible for you to do this without being burned. <Be Careful Here.>

First remove the broiler pan. While the oven burner is ON, reach in and put that open ended wrench on that burner orfice and turn it clock wise to close the orfice opening.

This is NOT a one time step. You have to turn it once, then pull your arm out so as not to burn yourself. Then enter again and repeat the turning process until the burner flames are no more spread out then 3/4 of the way across the flame spreader on each half.

Once you have this adjusted correctly, be absolutely sure the burner flame is all BLUE <NO YELLOW> but not sounding like it is blowing. All the flame coming out of the burner holes must look like they are attached to the burner. There should be NO space between those burner holes and the start of the flames.

<Same for the top burners.>

If any adjustment is needed to the air shutter, it's that small cover ON the end of the burner just above the orfice, loosen that small screw and adjust the opening to accomplish a blue flame. Then re-tighten that small screw and PRESTO...your done.

Well almost done that is...haha
Allow the oven to cool some, replace the broiler pan/pans and grated cover.

Now try baking a cake <I love coffee cake> or pie <I love apple or blueberry pie> just like prior. If whichever one of the above you bake doesn't burn or over-cook, call me and I will be right over to taste it...hahaha


The flame spreader is that flat plate that sits ON top of the burner.

The orfice is a thimble looking brass or bronze looking cap with a place to put an open ended wrench head on it.

You can see what an ofice looks like, if need be, by looking at one in the stove burner area.

<It's the cap at the opposite end of the stove top burner head. It's screwed on to a pipe and the burner head slips on to it.>

If your having this done, any local appliance service rep. or your local utility company rep. <if the gas utility provides this in home service> can do this for you.

Good Luck &
Happy Holidays

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