Overhead blower furnace in garage

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I recently receive this furnace(Modene I think they're called Model# US 25F) for a gift(used).

Of course there was no documentation with it. I am installing it in my garage and I am wondering if anyone can give me advice on how the thermostat should be connected. I plan to light it and run it as needed.

Any insights or reference web sites would be
be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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Hello DPeel:

First some pointers for safe installation of a suspended heater.

Your suspended heater should be located where there is a safe place to vent fumes.
Anywhere there is a place to install a vent pipe through the roof.

Next the gas or propane supply should be installed correctly and safely. <You didn't mention which fuel it used here.>

Since it's a suspened heater, it also has a built in fan. Therefore, proper electrical installation is also needed.

Be positive to follow ALL city, county and state codes. This also means having proper suspension brackets and air vents for fresh incoming air to the room being heated. <Leaving the garage door ajar should be okay.>

There may be special codes for the height from the ceiling and distance from the nearest wall and several other codes. Therefore, for your personal safety and fire protection, check the local codes in your cities building department office.

Suspened heaters are usually used in non totally inclosed industrial buildings. They are designed for blowing the heat directly downwards onto and or very close to a work area. Not designed primarily as a room heater.

The fan is the only part that operates on full line current <120 volts> Therefore, use caution and be sure it's also properly grounded. The rest of the equipment is low voltage, which is around 28 volts.

The thermostat <T-Stat> runs on low voltage and should have only two wires going to it. The best location for the T-Stat would be directly beneath the unit. <Any simple 28 volt T-Stat will do fine.>

The unit should be located on the side of the work site and NOT in front of it. The blowing hot air can cause dust, etc. to blow into the eyes.

Should you be installing this yourself, have your local gas utility service do the first lightup and inspect the unit and the venting system for proper operations.

If your not sure you can or want to do this installation yourself, have a local heating agency do it for you. It's worth the safety and peace of mind. Far better then causing a fire, having a gas leak or getting over come with carbon monoxide.

Good Luck

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