gas stove burners not lighting

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For the past two months or so, I've been having to light my 9-year old gas stove manually (with a match as I turn the gas on). This just happens regularly with one burner, it happened with another but the problem seemed to take care of itself. Lighting this problem burner is scarey becuase I have to turn the gas on all the way, so it's a big flame when lit. Do you think I should break down and call for help or is this something I can fix myself? Thanks for any advice!
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make sure the burner is completely clean and dry. Clean out all burner holes with a small paperclip. When you turn that burner on, do you hear clicking? If not, call for service.

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Hi mamamuffin:

Either way, if it's a pilotless spark ignition or it has a constantly burning pilot, each burn will lite the same.

Check for plugged burner head holes around the complete burner.

Also notice there are several small holes UP one side of the burner head. These are called ignition holes or ignition ports.

They must also be cleared of anything that may have spilled or boiled over.

To see them, lite another burner and notice them going UP the one side <facing inwards> from the center of the burner head.

Once these are all cleared, properly reinstall the burner you removed to clean and retry getting it to lite up.

Note: All burners are designed to light only when turned to the highest flame setting.

One exception. Those with center simmer burners made in the early 40's and into the late 50's. Those types lite starting with the simmer first.

Should all else fail, there are other adjustments that may need to be made.
<like air/fuel mixture, pilot size and pilot tube location, etc.>

For these, I suggest you contact your gas utility company.

Good Luck

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