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can anyone tell me what the "trick" is in making the gas
connection on my new dryer? It is a 3/8" fitting coming
out of the dryer and a 3/8" fitting that connects to it.
I can't get it to start on the threads...almost as if the connector and the pipe
are exactly the same size and just don't quite fit...
I am sure there is some sort of little "trick" to this
as I seem to remember this giving me fits in the past..
any ideas???


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Hello Paul:

If you purchased a dryer connection kit, it should have one female pipe threaded adapter made to thread directly onto the dryer's gas inlet pipe.

If you'll notice, this one adapter will ONLY fit that dryer's inlet size pipe. <It's the one with the pipe end that has a coarse inside thread on the female end.> The other end is the adapter end that is tapered to fit one end of the connector.

If you didn't buy a connection kit, you'll need to buy this part individually at the local hardware store or from wherever you purchased the other connection parts.

On that part it may be a wise idea to use one turn of pipe tape on the inlet pipe prior to installing the connector.

Before putting the appliance into it's final location, turn on the gas isolation valve coming out of the wall and soap test ALL fittings you installed for leaks.

Good Luck.

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