Gas Oven Won't Light

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I have a natural gas stove/Oven my guess is less than 10 yrs old (not sure) that has the brand name Capri on the front. The oven burner will not light. When I look into the broiler part at the bottom, I can see the pilot light is lit, constatnly burning. When I turn on the oven, I hear the gas, and see the pilot grow to double or three times it's normal size. However, the flame does not catch on to the small holes on the long 'burner' and extend toward the front of the broiler. Any help appreciated.
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Hello: MJB

I read two different versions in your posting of the symptom. One is serious, the other is no problem. I will cover both here.

You say you HEAR gas:

If you HEAR BURNER gas flowing, you have a more serious problem but NOT a repair problem.

My advice here is NOT to use the oven until it's checked out by your gas utility company service rep. <If the utility provides service> or a local appliance agency.

The problem here is:
That larger pilot heats the burner safety element. <ASO> When it gets HOT it opens and allows the burner gas out. That larger pilot flame also is the source of ignition to the burner gas.

If that burner gas is allowed to continue to come out, soon the oven will fill with gas and ignite. That delayed ignition will explode and blow open the oven door, at the very least.
<Therefore DON'T use it until it's fixed.>

The fix to a pro is easy. Clear the large pilot flame of dust and/or realign the large pilot to the burner. Easy fix without parts.

If you only HEAR pilot gas, but the burner won't turn on, it's most likely the burner safety valve that won't open.

In this case, either the pilot is restricted and needs to be cleared or the burner safety element is defective and will need to be replaced.

Contact your gas supplier or utility for service first. It just may be a free fix.

Good Luck

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