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I have a Modern Maid gas stove. I had my ign module replaced $$ due to persistant clicking (had unplugged it when not cooking for over a year!), and now the clicking has stopped when not in use. Instead, three of the burners will start steady clicking with the flame lit, after it has been on for approx 5 mins. What gives?
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Sounds like the sparking element <which is the item near the burner> isn't being correctly heated by the flame.

The sparker is also a proving element. Which means, when heated, it turns off the sparker...IED. <Intermittent Electronic Device>

Be sure the area around the sparking element, the sparking element itself, is well cleaned. If not clean them. The holes where the flames come out of also need to be fully cleaned and opened.

Test by heating a full pot of water with the flame turned up fully and wait the 5 minutes. If the cleaning is done correctly on each effected burner and there isn't any other problems, the clicking should not return.

Another reason could be improper sparker positioning. If yours can be gently bent, check the angle, position and distance of one that works correctly and adjust the problem one to match the one that works.

<Be super gentle & CAREFUL, these sparkers are brittle electrodes and break easily.>

If the problem remains, be sure the electric cord is plugged directly in to the wall electric socket. No extention cords are to be used. The IED must be correctly grounded.

All else fails, you just may have to have another service call to get it fixed.

However, this time request the service person check the wall socket for a good ground. Also check the current flow to be sure it is not reversed in the wall socket.

The reverse current flow is highly unlikely, therefore, often overlooked by service persons. I have found it several times to be the main cause of the problem your having, especially in older homes.

Good Luck

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