No oven heat - revisited

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I read the messages of others with a similar problem. I want to make sure I am not missing something.
My oven - a 10-yr old Tappan gas range with automatic pilotless ignition - is behaving erratically:
1. Oven takes a long time (5-15 min) to come on.
2. Oven does not come on at all.
3. Oven comes on, heats up to desired temp, then cools down and does not come on again, or stays at 250 deg. (T-stat works OK).
4. If one of the top burners is on, oven comes on fairly quickly and cycles properly.
5. After a couple of "false starts" oven will heat up and then cycle properly, with the top burners off.

The ignitor may have gone bad - I haven't tested the amp yet. I am puzzled by behaviors 4 and 5, though. The oven behaves erratically, but its "misbehavior" is consistent.

Thanks for any help.

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The most likely cause is a weak glow coil.
I would suggest you take that part plus the gas valve to the local appliance part store and have them check it out.

In reply to your number 4 and 5 findings, I can't quite honestly explain. The top burners work independently of the oven, therefore, I cannot find the interaction between the burners and the oven.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the response. I probably do have a worn-out glow coil. A local service man mentioned the same thing. I can easily replace it myself. Unfortunately, these ignitors tend to be fairly expensive. Any idea where I can get one at a discount? This is a pretty old kitchen range.
Thanks again.

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