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I currently have only 1 natural gas appliance
in my home. I want to install a gas dryer,
what is the procedure for shutting off the gas supply and safely tapping into the existing pipe and running the new pipe up to the dryer location ??? Must the dryer have it's own vent/flue pipe ??? Thanks in advance, Joe
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First thing you will need to do is locate the gas meter. If you house is a one family, it should be located above ground on one side of the house or the other.

The main shut off will be the pipe coming up out of the ground on the LEFT side of the meter about 6 inches or less above grade level.

Use a 12 inch adjustable wrench on the valve. Turn the valve so it is across <Horizontal> the pipe. This turns off the gas. When the valve is ON, it will be in the Vertical position.

Now find a place near where the dryer will be located. Find an elbow or coupling in the existing gasline. Remove whichever one you locate and install a tee there.

<You may have to install a coupling on one end to avoid removing too much pipe from the point of where the tee will be installed.>

Run the gasline where the dryer will be intalled. Secure the line with clamps and on the dryers end of the pipe install a 1/2 by 3/8 line valve.

Use pipe dope on all the threads. Not pipe tape. Then turn on the gas and SOAP all the joints to test for leaks!!! If you find none, complete the job by installing the dryer and gasflex line. SOAP that too!

Yes. Best to install a dryer vent. Either plastic or metal vent line is okay.

Be aware that in most cities, running a gasline which is 6 feet or more in length requires a city permit. Call that office and ask before starting this type of job.

A permit does more then one often thinks. The permit will verify the job is done to code and is leak free. It may also maintain your homeowners insurance policy in case there ever is any questions.

May also be required if you sell anytime in the future. All may be worth the peace of mind.

Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant.

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