replacing thermostat on wedgewood oven?


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We have a Wedgewood model oven/stove. The problem with the oven seems to be that once we turn it on, it's on full blast no matter what temperature it's set to. Would this be a bad thermostat or a regulator problem or a problem with the gas valve? Where and how easy is it to replace the thermostat?
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Hi:Paul C.

If your thermostat has lost the ability to control the oven temperature, yes, you will need to replace it.

Turn off the gas at the valve located behind the stove. There should be one there. The valve should be on the pipe coming out of the wall.

If there isn't one located there, you'll need to close the gas off at the gas meter.

<<<It would also be a good idea to install a gas shut off valve there with a new gas flex line if you need to close the gas off at the meter and since your installing the new oven thermostat anyway.>>>

The oven thermostat is located directly behing the control knob. Pull that knob off, remove the chrome decorative ring with spring and all the top burner knobs off.

Then remove the front panel to gain access to the thermostat located on the gas <pipe> manifold.

Remove the thermostat carefully. There will be a long thin tube attached to it that snakes down through a hole and goes in to the oven.

Take this part to the local appliance retail store. Buy an exact replacement and carefully install the new one EXACTLY as you found the prior one installed.

During installment, be sure to carefully uncurl the cap tube <that thin tube> attached to the new thermostat and thread it thru the hole and secure it in the oven using the clips.

Once your satisfied everything is EXACTLY right, install the gas shut off valve onto the gas pipe and the new flex line onto the stove.

Take a break and relax. Recheck your work, it's important.

Then make up a soap and water solution. Slightly heavy on the amount of soap here.

Turn that gas shut off valve on ONLY after you turn the house gas meter back on, if you needed to install a valve on the pipe.

Then apply the soap with a sponge or brush to everything you connected, disconnected or installed. Check for ANY leaks. Fix any leaks you might find.

If you have leaks or problems, close the gas valve you installed and call your natural gas supplier for help.

Good Luck,
Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant.
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