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I have a modern maid gas oven model pg0151ud01 when the burner ignites for the oven everthing is fine but after about 30seconds the flames start to lift off the burners and we get incomplete combustion.the grill on the bottom front is open as is the opening in the top of the oven. is there another opening for secondary air that I have closed off or is the been a recall that I don't know about?
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Hi:ric mcmillan

The problem you discribed is called
"Smothing Flames."

Underneath the oven should be at least one inch of clearance for air to pass thru from the grill to the air openings.

If this is a NEW installation, check for that clearance. You may also need to remove the oven and verify that the air openings on the oven where left opened at the factory and/or the louvered cover plates where not installed incorrectly a during factory assembly.

Another possibility could be a restricted exhaust vent. If it vents into the kitchen, all should be fine. You can verify that this vent is opened using a flashlight.

Yet another possibility could be the roof vent or the flapper in the vent tube leading to the roof.

Still another possibility is ALUMINUM FOIL.
If the racks, intake vents, etc. are covered with foil, the flames will smother.

NO foil should be used for the sole purpose of keeping the oven clean.

Until this problem is corrected, the burner is pouring out incompleted particules of combustion. Which is TOXIC! It's mostly CO2!

Therefore, the appliance should not be used until the problem is corrected for your safety.

Should you need further help, contact your gas company, the modern maid company or a dealers service agent.

Good Luck,
Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant.
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