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hi, my hotpoint oven has quit working while stove top works fine and broiler also works.

i suspect glow coil but i also wonder if there is a fuse i might need to check.

if it turns out to be glow coil, is replacement intensive?

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Before you attempt any repairs, check all the control settings. Set everything to manual operation then recheck.

There is an oven fuse you can check. In the newer models it's usually located in the broiler compartment under the lower inside cover. Older models under the top burner cover in either the left or right hand corner.

Be sure to unplug the stove prior to removing the fuse cover. If your going to check the fuse, use a continuity light or ohm meter.

Be aware this is NOT an ordinary 120 volt fuse. It's a specialty type fuse. Replace it with an exact type appliance fuse.

You can also replace the glow coil if all else tests okay. Remove it from the burner. It has a quick disconnect at the end of the wires.

Read the archives, in this forum, for more information on removal, installation and cautions.

Good Luck,
Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant.

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Bake igniter
Usually when an oven won't bake, it's because the bake igniter is weak or burned out. The igniter is a small, round or rectangular device, that's about 1 inch by 4 to 8 inches. It's near the burner itself.The burner is the tube-type device the gas flows through before it's ignited. It has many small holes on the sides to let the gas, when ignited, form a long, low flame. If the igniter is weak, if it glows red but doesn't get hot enough, or if it's burned out, the gas doesn't flow to the burner and the burner won't ignite. If this is the problem, you may need to replace either the igniter or the gas safety valve. Usually the igniter is to blame.
Other causes
Other reasons that your oven may not bake are:

The clock settings are incorrect (if you have
timed baking or a self-cleaning oven).

The thermostat is defective.

The safety valve that prevents accidental gas
flow is defective.

The selector switch is defective.

Thank You,

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