Maytag oven ignition system

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Hello Jeff!! Thanks for responding to my question earlier. You wondered what kind of oven ignition system that I actually had. It is not a glow bar system, and it is not a constant or "always lit" pilot system. When the oven thermostat is turned on, it makes a couple of "snapping" sounds and then the pilot flame appears. However, as I mentioned before, the burner itself does not light. I guess the snapping sound comes from the spark igniter. You had mentioned that if I had a glow bar system, that even if it worked it might not get hot enough to ignite the burner itself. Could this be true with my system also? Thanks again for responding to my question!!
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Found your posting in my forum and thought I would reply to also offer you help.

Your oven has a one of two types of safety's. That "snap' you hear lights the pilot as you mentioned. The pilot then heats an element called a fluid safety or a flame switch.

When either of these two elements fail, <whichever your oven uses> the oven will not turn on. The element will most likely need to be replaced.

I say most likely, because there are times the pilot flame gets linted or restricted and if fails to correctly heat the safety element.

If the pilot flame is yellow in color it has lint or dust in it. Clearing the pilot will then correct the problem.

Another possibility could be if the element got knocked out of alignment with the pilot. It must be directly and squarely over the flame.

Good Luck,

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