Tankless water heaters

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Tankless water heaters sound like the best thing since sliced bread if the believe the manufacturer's web sites. (http://www.tankless-water-heater.com/index.html )

The one we have at work is great. Any comments on their "real world" usage for homes? Thanks.
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Many people have considered buying a tankless water heater. They are very good both in operation and for all the other reasons mentioned on the web sites by the manufacturers and retailers.

The problems happen when there is a need for parts and service. Many plummers can easily install the system. The after sale, repair service, warranty and parts availiblity may become a problem.

I would suggest you contact several local plummers in your area before making a purchase. Your local area may not be using enough of these appliances to support a dealer network of knowledgeable, well trained repair agents and local parts supply's.

Years ago, these appliances were sold but failed to become an exceptable replacement for the tank type heaters for that very reason. A dealer and parts supply network.

Such may not be the case today or apply in your local area. In my opinion it's worth checking into before buying.

In all fairness to the manufacturers, plummers and dealers of this product, in my personal opinion, once again let me state, tankless water heaters, when working, are very good and worth considering, if the above conditions apply.

Good Luck,
Natural Gas Energy Technician and Consultant.

Check the archives in this forum for more information. Also check in the plumming forum for suggestions & opinions by the plummers and customers both current and prior who post there.

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I've installed this type of unit many years ago. The model we were installing caused problems with pressure reduction causing a drop in hot water pressure. Had a few unhappy customers. But have had no experience lately with them.

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