...Dryer heat won't stay on!

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...Dryer heat won't stay on!

Hi everyone,

My landlord hasn't returned my phones calls in three days and I'd really like to be able to dry all the clothing I've washed!!!

I am using a Speed Queen frontload gas dryer (coin-op), model number EG1120LF

Over the past week the clothing has not been getting dried. I opened the small 6in x 3in door on the front. When the dryer starts up, the heating elements glows red and CLICK, the flame starts. Then a few minutes later, the flame shuts off. The heating element will heat back up several times through the cycle, but the gas will not come back on.

Any, ANY ideas would be helpful. I've got a hacksaw and I'm not afraid to use it! J/K. If anyone has any idea what part might be defective however, I'd love the input.

Incidentally, this is a coinop, but the top it open so we just reach in, clikc the switch that tells the machine money has been deposited, then hit start.

And yes, the landlord knows we do that!

Thanks again
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Hello: David. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Unfortunately, the machine is not yours nor that of the landlords. Therefore, you cannot and/or should not do any repairs on it or to it. Nor can you expect anyone on this web site nor in this gas appliances topic to advise you how to repair it. Simply is not professional to do so, imo.

With that stated, the information is available to you and for your reading in the many already asked and replied to questions in this forum topic of gas appliances. Also in the FAQ sticky note.

Gas Dryer Help Link:

There is no doubt a problem exists with the dryer, based upon the problem description supplied. The problem can be caused by any one or more of several possibilities. To determine an exact cause requires a diagnostics, most likely a part or parts replacement and money to purchase a part(s).

The machine in question is not personally owned by you nor the landlord. All that can be done is what you have done. You can try contacting the company directly. Often times the company name and phone number is on the equipment in the form of a label, etc. Try calling them directly. May or may not resolve the issue. Most likely will help some.

I am reasonably sure the landlord has already contacted the company. In his/her best interests to do so. Helps to keep happy tenants. Same applies the the company whom supplies the equipment and likely the terms of the contract between the landlord and the company who supplies the machines to maintain them in the best possible working condition.

Best possible solution, for the time being most likely, is to use a laundramat in a shopping center where these types of bussiness are located in your area.

Disclaimer Note:
I personally do not recommend nor suggest you attempt any repairs yourself. Nor can I expect anyone whom posts advice in the form of replies in this topic or any other topics on the site to publicly provide you or anyone else with professional advice on how to attempt repairs to any such machinery of which is not privately and or personally owned. Hope you understand.

Regards & Good Luck.
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I have a Kenmore gas dryer model # 110.87873100 with the same problem.
Except the only way I can make it come back on is to turn the knob to
the off position for about 5 minutes , then restart it. Then it wil run for about
3 minutes then shut off. Should I replace the ignitor unit. It glows a bright
orange , I hear the gas regulator click then it shuts off.

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