Amana gas dryer LGA60AW turns off too soon

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Amana gas dryer LGA60AW turns off too soon

It shuts down before the clothes are dry. The venting seems clean. It can take up to an hour before it can be restarted. There are 2 thermostats, and I am guessing it's one of them.

They are shown as numbers 24 and 26 on this link:

Anyone seen this before?

TIA Frank
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Hello Frank. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

The parts are not expensive nor difficult to replace. However, there are a few tests you can do prior to purchasing parts which may or may not resolve the condition. Try running the dryer without the venting system connected to the dryer and note the results.

I suspect the exhaust venting system is restricted. Unplug the dryer from the electrical power source. Turn off the gas to the machine at the gas supply line. There should be a shut off valve on the supply pipe for this purpose.

Once that is accomplished, pull the machine out so you can access behind it. Being careful not to damage the gas line or venting system. Disconnect the vent from the dryer. Than remove the panel access to the interior back side of the machine. Clean as needed. Reinstall the back panel.

To clean the venting system you'll most likely have to remove the venting plastic tubing if plastic is used. Best bet is to simply replace it with new tubing. It's inexpensive & easy to work with.

If the venting system is metal tubing, it may have to be disconnected in sections etc to access the inside and clean it out. Do not forget to inspect and clean as needed the outside vent hood. Inside the hood is a flapper vent. It should freely be able to flap up and down. If not free it up and or replace it.

All information contained above is generic to most free standing standard types of gas of any type and or most electrical dryers. The machine you have may vary slightly and the procedure may vary slightly.

Check the entire venting system. This also includes the exhaust vent hood outside. It has a flapper that may not be opening fully or not at all. Locate any restriction within the entire exhaust system and clean out all lint. Replace exhaust vent tubing as needed or if needed.

Defective Glow Coil: The glow coil may glow but just be too weak to allow current to continue to flow to the coils. The solenoid coils are also part of the electrical loop and may effect proper glow coil operation or functioning.

Two other most likely causes is either the solenoids on top of the gas control valve or the radiant flame sensor on the burner flame hood.

Ohm test the flame sensor with electrical power to dryer turned off or machine unplugged. Ohm meter should show a closed circuit. (Needle swings all the way over to right side of meter.) If circuit closed, sensor is okay.

Solenoids on top of gas valve may be defective. There are two. Any one of them fails both get replaced. Sold and installed in pairs only. Remove them from the top of the gas valve by removing the entire gas valve assembly first.

To accomplish this task, the entire burner and gas valve must be removed. Then the solenoid coils can be removed from the top of the gas valve and replaced.

The gas inlet pipe to the right side of the gas valve has a tiny on/off gas shutoff valve. Turn it off, lever opposite it's current on position. The nut on the gas supply pipe near the gas valve is counter threaded, which means it turns opposite the norm to loosen it.

There will be other sheet metal screws securing the gas valve and burner assembly to the dryers base. Once the entire gas valve is removed, take it and the make, model and serial numbers of the appliance to the local appliance retail parts store.

Remove both solenoids off the gas valve body by removing the hold down cover plate and replace them both if defective. They are sold only in pairs.

Or take the entire gas valve unit to your local appliance parts store and have the entire assembly and all the parts tested individually and as an assembly.

Once at the store, the salesperson can be sure the replacement parts are the correct ones. Replacing the solenoids is simple and the parts come with full instructions inclosed in the packages.

Defective Gas Valve could be the problem. Remove entire unit as an assembly. Take the entire assembly to your local appliance parts store for testing. Gas valves are not repairable.

CAUTION: Do Not attempt to repair the gas valve. This is a non repairable item. Replacement is the only option, if defective.

Use the reply button to add additional information or ask additional questions. Doing so will automatically move or keep your question to the top of the forums list of questions.

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the most likely possible problem may be. They will need the make, model and serial numbers. Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts and problem resolving matters. Dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs or services. Always check for gas leaks whenever moving the appliance and/or a service or repair includes any connection of a gas part.

Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts and problem resolving matters. Dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Read the existing questions on the subject of dryers. Doing so will quickly provide you with answers to questions & provide additional information on how to resolve the problem.

Dryer help info:

Maytag Appliance Home Page:
Maytag 1-800-688-9900 USA
Maytag 1-800-688-2002 Canada
Maytag is also the maker of Amana, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef and Caloric Appliances.

Regards & Good Luck.
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