Propane Appliances emitting black smokey film

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Propane Appliances emitting black smokey film

Hello All-
We are new to the propane gas (we've always had natural gas appliances) appliances-but we becoming concerned over some issues-might be normal-but if not-we are hoping you can point us in the right direction at getting it corrected.

Our Oven - came with the home-home is newer (8yrs)-oven is not-it is a set in stove-not just a cooktop with seperate oven
When we broil food, flames from the top broiler burner are overlapping when we open the oven door to the point the heat is very very extreme hot and it discolors the oven by the control knobs because the flames are leaving a smokey black film on the outside of oven-is there a way to tell if this is the oven or could the propane be set to high of flow? We also had several cookware casserole dishes caked with the black sooty film to the point you could not tell the color of them until the were washed-only these dishes were not used they were merely sitting on top of the oven where we noticed the black smoke stuff pouring out the oven vent with what appeared to be water?

When not using the broiler-we are noticing a very strong odor of propane in the other room-not in the kitchen

and Lastly-today we noticed after running the furnace that was natural gas converted to propane that the ducts now have some of the same black film on the duct cover-you know the vent that you can turn on or off to allow heat in or not in to a room?

Do these things seem normal? I am going to purchase a carbon monoxide detector-but I have a permantly disabled daughter with a rare lung respitory diisease and I am concerned for her health as well as ours - since she has "live" oxygen running 24/7 through a portable oxy concentrator...

Any help or suggestions would be so much appreciated..
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My Apologies to the forums...

I sincerely apologize for posting a question regarding "heating appliances"-I left my brain in bed this morning......

My stupidity was non intentional
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The circumstances with your broiler sound like it was not converted to be used with propane properly. The flames should be blue with yellow tips. If it wasn't converted properly they will be large and dirty orange.

There is a chance that the furnace duct problem is related. If the oven is emitting soot particles, they could be feeding through the heating ducts.

I would have it all checked out by, at the very least, your propane company. In the mean time, I would avoid using the broiler.
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2 or more Possibilities

Hello Barbivet. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic.

Very possible there is an air flow condition which is not allowing air to enter through the intake vents or louvers in the cabinet of the appliance or the venting inside the oven to the outside is blocked and/or restricted somehow.

Maybe or possibly the use of aluminum foil anywhere inside the oven or outside (at the exhaust vent) blocking exhaust flow is causing the condition.

Also possible the oven burner was never converted from natural gas to propane. That condition is called an overgassed condition. Allows huge flames which cannot get enough intake air even under ideal conditions. As a result carbon and soot are formed and deposited on pots, pans, inside and outside of the appliance, etc.

Contact the propane supplier. Some do the conversion and or adjustments needed as a free service to customers using their product while others may not. Ask.

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