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Question GE LP range question

I have a GE gas range which I converted to LP. It's a new range, model # JGBP35WEJ1WW. The burners work fine, but the oven flames comes up from the bottom of the oven. Way too high! I thought I converted it right, but I guess not. Any suggestions? Is there an orifice I needed to change for oven as I didn the burners? Thanks!
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Hello Lindakz and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances topic.

If the orifice was not replaced, it must be or should be. Some are adjustable while others are not.

If screwing down (turning orifice clockwise) the oven/broiler orifice did not control the size of the burner flames, that orifice is not likely to be an adjustable one.

Here is a means to determine if that orifice is or is not adjustable. The burner needs to be removed from the gas control valve. The burners tube ending sits on the gas valve.

The other end of the burner is secured to the front of the oven. Rests on a ledge or lip at the base of the access door. There will be a cotter pin and/or a screw securing it. Whichever it is, remove it.

Than remove the burner by lifting it up and off the gas valve at the back of the oven/broiler area. Once removed, that brass or bronze hex nut thimble looking part is the orifice.

Unscrew it off the gas valve and remove it. Stuck into the gas vlave should be a pointed raised sphare like part. If one is there, the orifice is adjustable.

If none is there, the orifice is not adjustable. In this instance, the orifice needs to be replaced with an LP orifice. Note the btu rating for that specific burner on the rate plate.

At any local appliance parts store, a replacement orifice can be obtained for that btu rating in the size for propane fuel. Appliance parts dealers are listed in the phone book.

Once obtained, install that "LP" orifice as the other one was. Reinstall burner exactly as it was found prior to removal. Turn new orifice opened about 6 full turns from the lightly seated and closed position.

Test burner flame size. Flames should not exceed flame spreader plate which is on top of burner attached with a wing nut.

Flames should be not more than one inch from the outter edges of the flame spreader. Inwards 1 and 1/2 inches to 2 inches inwards from the edges of flame spreader is ideal.

If the flames appear yellow or have yellowed tips, adjust the air shutter on the burner just above the orifice to allow slightly more air to enter. But not so much to cause flames to lift off of the burner and blow outwards with force.

Once correct orifice opening is set and the air shutter is set....your set...job done... Time for baking.

More Help Here:
Range-Stove-Oven-Broiler Basic Help Information & Manufacturers Web Sites:

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Thumbs up Thanks

Thank you so much! I tightened down the nut under the air shutter and that did it! You're the best!
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