Thermador PRSG304 making electric zapping noise


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Thermador PRSG304 making electric zapping noise

Hi. I have a Thermador PRSG304 that is over 7 years old. We had it converted to use propane. I have two problems with it.

Problem 1:
This stove has 2 burners with extra low settings. These settings will switch the burner off and on to maintain low temperature. Recently, one of these burners started making LOUD zapping noises. The noise sounds as if electric is leaking out or like electric insect zappers but really loud. Normally, this happens if the burner is on low (but, not activating the extra low mode). To stop the sound, I will turn off the burner or turn up the burner. (To turn off the burner, you have to turn up before going to the off position.) This is making me very nervous. I am afraid this problem will harm my house's electrical system or cause a fire.

Problem 2:
The attached oven uses gas (propane). For some reason, the oven is not activating. I will turn the oven on for more than 1/2 an hour and it will not ignite. However, the moment I turn on any one of the burners, the oven will fire. Once it comes to the preset temperature, it will not fire again to maintain the temperature. I have to keep one of the burners on in order to get the oven to maintain temperature.

Please help. Thanks.
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Hello: Novice134

Based upon the problem description in #1, there is likely to be a short in the electrical system to that burner which is effected. (Has the problem) To determine where it is, more than likely you will have to see the electrical arcing. Can be at the switch on the burners gas valve stem, at any one of the two wire terminals attached to that specific switch or anywhere along the wiring system from the effected switch to the sparker or the sparker itself. The condition is far from likely to cause an electrical shorting in the house wiring system.

Likely the sparker switch to the oven is defective or the sparker itself is defective, etc. An electrical problem only within the appliance, not the houses wiring system. More than likely will require a technician to diagnose the problems and repair them, unless you yourself have a wiring diagram and are very skillfully working with appliance electrical systems, etc.

Cautionary Note:
Before attempting any repairs, be sure to unplug the appliance from the wall receptacle power source first. Only observe the electrical parts and wiring systems to determine, if possible, exactly where the grounding / shorting of the electrical system occurs. During any repairs, unplug the appliance.

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Thank you. Sounds like I should call in a repairman.

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