Propane cooktop too hot won't simmer

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Question Propane cooktop too hot won't simmer

I have a GE Profile gas cooktop, converted to LP using the GE suppiled parts. Can't get the any burner even the smallest one to a low enough flame for simmering. Any suggestions?

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Hello Mark. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

The condition/problem described is not all that uncommon during a conversion on some models and or makes of stoves.

If the orifices are adjustable, try closing them down slightly. That will effect the large flame size but also reduce the simmer flame size.

If the top burner valves are those types which click into different flame sizes, adjusting the orifices may or may not resolve the condition.

Are you sure the orifices are all the same size? Two of the burners should not have simmers while the other two will have simmer burners. Orifices may be interchanged accidentally.

How the condition is resolved isn't known to me. In such cases the manufacturer issued different valves to effected stoves. But adjustment is critical and likely to work. Try it.

Additional Help Here:
Read the Range-Stove-Oven-Broiler Basic Help Informational Sticky Note, in this forums topic, for more detailed information.

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If you have the installation manual for the cooktop, the following should be detailed in it under LP Gas conversion instructions.
As Sharp Advise indicated, make sure the conversion was done properly. Regardless of the flame size, all of the burners should be blue in color. Anything more than an occasional orange flicker at the tip of the flames is no good. Once you're sure the conversion was done properly, you need to adjust the simmer setting.

To adjust the simmer settings each burner has to be done individually. Light a burner and turn it to it's lowest setting. Once it's on it's lowest setting remove the burner knob and there is an adjustment screw either in the hollow part of the valve stem or next to the stem. With a fine regular screwdriver turn the adjustment screw untill the flame is even with the burner cap. Once it's at the proper height you can put the knob back on. Once you put the knob back on it's a good idea turn off and on the burner several times to check the flame stability. Light the burner and quickly turn it to its lowest setting. Be sure the flame does not go out. If it goes out, turn up the simmer setting slightly.

You will then need to adjust the remaining burners.

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