Gas dryer not drying


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Gas dryer not drying

I have an older Maytag gas dryer that all of a sudden seems to take twice as long to dry clothes. Any ideas???
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Hello merrym100 and Welcome into my Gas Appliances topic.

Very likely the exhaust venting system is restricted with excessive lint or the flapper door in the exhaust vent hood is not opening or not opening fully. Also possible the blower fan inside the machine is clogged up.

You will need to clear out the venting system, check the exhaust hoods flapper door and clean out the inside of the machine, including the blower fan cage and internal venting pipe, etc.

Doing this is likely to solve the problem. Good first attempt to correct the described condition. Also read the sticky note pertaining to dryers in this forum topic. Plenty of help in it on the problem.

Read the existing questions on the subject of dryers not venting. Doing so will also more quickly provide you with answers to questions & provide additional information on how to resolve dryer venting problems.

Gas Dryer Help Link:

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs or services.

Web Site Host, Moderator Hiring Agent, Gas Appliances Topic Moderator, Multiple Forums Moderator & Natural Gas Appliance Diagnostics Technician.

It's always advisable to clean the entire exhaust venting system every 2 years. Or during any dryer maintenance and or repairs.
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I have exact same problem. My last tenant never cleaned the filter even though they were instructed to do so. I checked the lint filter and there was enough lint to knit a sweater. I tried to clean the area with a wire hanger since they were all clamped together, but I think that only cleaned the surface. The problem with mine is it is in a closet with exact fit, on top of the washer. I can't really reach behind it to temporarily disconnect the duct to clean it, I can't do it from outside either since it is about 10ft high from the ground.

I remember they were selling flexible cleaning aparatus, that might something that can also work.

PS: My dryer is only 11 months old.
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Recardo...not sure if you were asking for advice....but these work great....they are sold many places as I understand.

LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning System
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Thanks, let me check the video they have on that page. It looks like there are a few different pieces.
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