O'keefe Merrit oven question...


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O'keefe Merrit oven question...

Have an old O'keefe Merrit oven with a gas shut off safety button that seems to be malfunctioning. Typically, this button would be pressed to stop gas flow to the oven - then pushed again to allow the flow.
Well, I can't get it to stay open - that is - when i push it, it clicks and the oven lights, but when I release it, it closes again and the oven goes out.
I'm hoping that I can repair this as parts for these suckers are usually very expensive (the ceramic salt and pepper shakers are about $1,200).

Any tips or help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello hammersmith71. Welcome to my Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

I am well aware of the type of safety system that type and appliance brand of oven uses. First try cleaning the pilot assembly.

Blow out the pilot flame. Some gas odor will or may be noticed but it will not be a hazard or safety concern. Allow assembly several minutes to cool off.

Than blow entire assembly clean using a can of computer keyboard cleaner or can of compressed air. Insert the plastic extension tube into every opening, including the pilot flames gas opening and the two air openings located behind the flame located on the assembly.

Once that is completed, relight the pilot flame and allow a few minutes for flame to reheat safety element. Then reset the red button by pushing it in and holding in for about 45-60 seconds. Should reset if pilot flame is all blue and clean. If reset will not hold, safety element will need to be replaced.

Safety Caution:
If the safety used on that oven has a fluid flame switch, electrical power must be turned off or plug removed from wall power outlet before and repairs are made. The safety device uses full house electrical current to operate.

If the above does not resolve the problem, the safety device in either type of safety system is defective (non operational) and must be replaced. Can be obtained at any local appliance parts store or on line.

Cautionary Reminder Note: Before attempting any repairs, be sure to unplug the appliance from the wall receptacle power source first. Test for leaks on all gas connections using leak detection soap.

More detailed info in the help sticky note in this forum topic:
Help Link: Range-Stove-Oven-Broiler Basic Help Information & Manufacturers Web Sites:http://forum.doityourself.com/showthread.php?t=159808

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Yo Sharpie!

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to address my problem. I followed your advice to the letter, and the oven now works like a dream.
Knew I could count on ya!

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