GE Oven does not maintain temperature.

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GE Oven does not maintain temperature.

GE Spectra XL44 Range 5 years old
Model # JGBP30CEA3CC

This model oven does not show the temperature as it changes so I purchased an external thermometer (OT-03 Baker's Oven Remote Thermometer) that samples temperature every 10 seconds.

Problem: Oven does not maintain temperature once it gets to the set temperature.

I have performed the following.

1. I measured the sensor resistance. At room temp, the resistance was 1058 ohms (Specs: 1091 ohms at 75 degrees). With the sensor removed, I carefully heated up the sensor. The resistance gradually increased. I quit heating the sensor when resistance reached 2K ohms. The resistance gradually decreased as cooled. (Specs: 2634 ohms at 865 degrees)

Conclusion: Sensor okay.

2. I placed the external sensor close to the sensor in the oven. The following occurred when turning on oven and setting at 350 degrees F.
The igniter came on and gas (i.e. flame) came on about 30 seconds later. When the temperature reached 358 degrees (external thermometer), the igniter and gas shuts off. The Preheated light comes on, but never goes out unless oven is turned off. I can hear the igniter relay clicking during the on/off cycles. Temperature started dropping and at 336 degrees the igniter came on, 30 seconds later, the gas (i.e. flame) came on. 5 seconds later, the gas shuts off. About 30 second later, the above process kept repeating. Gas was never on long enough to heat oven.

3. If I turn the oven off and then turn it back on and set to 350 degrees again, the temperature would increase to 350 degrees and the above process (step 2 above) repeats.

Conclusion: Igniter is okay.
(I may swap the boiler and bake igniters (they are the same)to see if problem still occurs.)

4. I checked all connections that were visible without tearing into the unit. All were okay. There are no indications of anything getting too hot, wires, control module, etc.

Conclusion: This seems to indicate the control unit as the problem? Unfortunately, GE wants $250 for the unit. But this is still cheaper than a new stove.

What is your opinion at to the problem?

FYI Just checked Sears parts, they wants $193 for the part.
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Hello jimbob55 and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and to the Gas Appliances topic.

If the sensor inside the ovens baking compartment is not damaged, touching any metal part, bent, pitted, no foil is used on the racks or lower plate, in an attempt to keep ovens internal clean, etc, then temp sensor is likely defective. Which means the ECR (control unit) will need to be replaced.

Retail parts dealers and appliances parts stores can also help determine what the possible problem may be based upon that specific brand and model.

Ask at a retail parts store also. Bring the make, model and serial numbers. Dealers and appliances parts stores are listed in the phone book.

Cautionary Reminder Note:
Before attempting any repairs, be sure to unplug the appliance from the wall receptacle power source first.

Read The Sticky Help Note In This Topic:
Range-Stove-Oven-Broiler Basic Help Information & Manufacturers Web Sites.

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