conversion of gas dryer to propane

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Red face conversion of gas dryer to propane

I want to convert my relatively new LG dryer to propane because I moved to an area that does not have gas. You can buy the kits for $20. Does the kit have the instructions included, and if not, can I find them on a web site?
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Hello boopoojojo. Welcome to the Gas Appliances topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Some basic helpful instructions below. Really not much to it. Convert the regulator and replace the orifice. Basic instructions should come with the kit if purchased for that specific brand and model.

In my opinion, always best to buy the conversion kit at a local appliance parts store to be sure of getting all the required parts with specific instructions for the brand and model.

Basic Step By Step Instructions:
First access the burner compartment. Usually a small access door in the lower right hand or left hand corner on some brands or models. Remove access panel.

On some brands and/or models the entire front panel must be removed. Look for screws in the door frame and/or at the base of the front panel. May have screws in both locations on some machines.

Some brands and/or models the top lid must first be lifted up wards. On many of these machines there will be no screws in the door frame. Usually only two screws are the base of the machine. Some no screws anywhere external. In this case, if there are two screws at the base remove them.

Then insert a thin blade or old credit card between the top lid and front panel about two or three inches in wards from each corner. Push in wards to release the clips while lifting up wards on the top lid. Each clip can be released separately or both at once.

Once the front panel is removed or access door is opened, look to the right of the gas control valve. There will be a tiny gas shut off valve on the gas supply pipe. Turn that tiny lever so it is across the pipe. Doing so turns off the gas to the control valve.

Than remove the wire quick disconnects from the solenoids on top of the gas valve. Than loosen and remove the hex nut on the control valve to separate the gas supply pipe from the control.

That hex nut is reverse threaded. Which means the hex nut turns opposite (counter clock wise) to loosen it and clockwise to tighten it. Use a backup wrench to hold the pipe while turning that nut counter clock wise.

Once the pipe is removed, there will be two or more sheet metal screws holding down the plate the control is mounted onto. Remove those screws.

Than carefully remove the burner out enough to get to the wires attached to the flame sensor, which is attached to the burners shroud cover. Remove that wire quick disconnect also.

Than remove the entire burner as an assembly. Remove the brass or bronze orifice in the burners nozzle. Replace the orifice with an LP or NAT orifice to match the BTU rating of the burner.

BTU rating is on the manufacturers plate with the model and serial numbers, usually located in the door frame. Most dryers are either 18,000 or 22,000 Btu's. Install an LP or NAT orifice to match the rating.

Than convert the built into the gas valve regulator. By removing the cap on top of the tower and turning it over and reinstalling it. Cap should be marked "N" or "NAT" for natural gas and "L" or "LP" for propane.

Turning the towers cap over converts the regulator. Side of the cap facing you indicates the fuel type it is set for. Not all regulators are convertible in this manner. Check with any local appliance parts store.

Some gas control valves do not have regulators that are convertible while some have a set screw to turn to another position or a lever to turn to another position. Several variables are possible.

Appliance parts dealers are an excellent source for original replacement parts and conversion parts. Dealers are listed in the phone book under appliances.

Be sure the electrical power to the appliance is turned off, before attempting any repairs. Always check for gas leaks when reconnecting any of a gas part.

Use the reply button to add additional information or ask additional questions. Doing so will automatically move your question to the top of the forums list of questions.

It's always advisable to clean the entire exhaust venting system every 2 years. Or during any dryer maintenance, connection and or repairs.

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Smile convert my maytag neptune dryer to propane mcg8000aww

HI everybody, apologies if this is not the right place to put this question.

I have a maytag GAS dryer: model p mcg8000aww, it has two compartments for drying clothes, works with NATURAL GAS. I am guessing this model has 2 burners as I can run both levels ( tumble and upper level of dryer level at the same time)
Do you have any information about converting this model to LP ?

I moved overseas and after investigating a bit I found out that here (I am in Azerbaijan) I could only find / buy / source tanks (cylinders) with propane gas, no pipe with natural gas in my place. Hence I need to convert my dryer: model mcg8000aww to be use with propane gas coming from a tank, instead of Natural gas. The part number of the kit for such conversion is 63-6766, from reading the installation the maytag manual (but no instructions on how to install it!..).
The kit seems easy to find and buy over the internet for 25 dollars + shipping (see http://store.4appliancerepairparts.c...ion-kit/Detail) , however I do not think I would get a qualified technician over here, at least not one we could talk in English, since I like doing my self this kind of stuff, I would try to do it my self.

Could you help me with any additional information you may have on converting this maytag Neptune model, or any other detail you may think of that would be helpful. Maybe you guys know where I could find manuals or instructions to install this kit. I would try to order it from US in order to use this dryer over here with propane gas, I want to order all parts I may need at once, so to avoid making several small orders overseas. D0 you know of any other part it may be required.

Thank you for any help you could provide me.


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