Gaffers and Sattler oven/broiler pilots problem


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Gaffers and Sattler oven/broiler pilots problem

We have a Gaffers and Sattler vintage gas stove model w5494g (ca. 1956?) in great condition. The oven and broiler were working beautifully, but I had to replace the pilot tubing and clean up the pilots for the top burners and griddle, now they are all working and burner pilots stay on fine. But NOW the pilots for the OVEN and BROILER do not light at all. We can manually light the oven and broiler by turning the controls, gas is being sent to the larger pilot when clock is on MANUAL mode. The strange thing is, I did nothing to change anything to do with the oven or broiler -- is there a reset button on the safety valve? If it has to do with the thermocoupler, why was it working just last week, but not now? Is heat from the burner pilots affecting the thermocoupler? What has changed? Thank you for your help, we love our stove, but we want it to be safe and useable!
Cody and Florence
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Hello Cody and Florence. Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and to the Gas Appliances topic.

YES! There may be a reset button.

Some brands and or models of older cooking stoves from that vintage have one or sometimes 2 RED reset buttons. 2 reset buttons possible, if there are two burners. One burner for an oven and a separate burner for a broiler.

Reset buttons on a safety device may be located under the top lid under the top burners. One safety device usually located on the left side but may be on the right. Locations vary by models.

Or safety device(s) in a broiler section (usually to the left of the oven) or one or both safety devices beneath the oven (broiler section) below oven baking compartment. Usually the place where the broiler compartment is or in some models a pan storage area is located. Models vary.

You'll need to LOOK around for a red reset button(s). Usually RED but may be tarnished in color. That model may or may not have reset buttons.

If it does, hold the button depressed and light the pilot(s). Hold button depressed for about 45 to 60 seconds. Then slowly release it. Pilot should then remain on. Be sure thermostat is set in the OFF position doing this.

Be aware that some models have the RED safety button but it only controls gas to the burner and not the pilot(s). Most safety devices with push button safeties only allow the pilot to light but not the burner.

Another possibility may be a plugged up pilot flame within the pilot assembly. Which will not allow the constant pilot to light or stay lighted. But will allow the larger flame to light. Larger flame (actuating flame) then heats the safety element allowing the burner to light.

Several variations to any of the above may exist.

Cautionary Reminder Note:
Before attempting any repairs, be sure to unplug the appliance from the wall receptacle power source first.

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Range-Stove-Oven-Broiler Basic Help Information.

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